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2 Megapixel Wholesale CCTV Cameras

2 Megapixel Wholesale CCTV Cameras

Techvision USA has an awesome selection of 2 Megapixel Cameras available for wholesale right now! Why 2 megapixels you ask? Aren’t there higher resolutions available? Of course, there are, but 2 MP still has its uses and we’ll explain below!

So the most common resolution people are currently used to viewing on their televisions, Pc monitors, phones, and most screens, in general, is known as 1080p 1080p, is the 16:9 aspect ratio expression of 2 Megapixels, or 2 million pixels. That means in the image there are a total of two million pixels making up the picture’s quality. Why this information is so important is because of client expectations of quality vs reality.

The truth is, most consumers are still using 1080p monitors and televisions to view the overwhelming majority of content out there. This is because 1080p is “full HD” or the first fully high definition standard available at a reasonable cost to consumers. First, there was 720p, but this wasn’t full HD, just standard HD. Because of how common 1080p is, it has set the subconscious standard for a ‘good picture’ for motion video the world over. The fact is, most people are quite satisfied with the image 1080p, or 2mp, provides.

While there are plenty of much higher quality options out there, such as 4, 5, and even 8 megapixels, the fact is many lower-end consumers simply won’t have the hardware to even take advantage of the visual differences. Owning a 4MP system means one also needs to own a 1440p, or 2160p monitor in order to see a difference. If you go full 4k, only a 2160p monitor will suffice, which means owning a true 4k display and/or TV and this simply isn’t accessible yet to every consumer on the market.

Furthermore, the higher up in resolution one decides to set their CCTV system, the higher the bitrate will need to be in order to maintain that visual fidelity. With a very high bitrate, your storage for the total # of footage days will drop significantly, even when using an advanced compression method such as h265.

All of this of course rolls into what is usually the most important factor for any consumer- cost. Systems higher than 2mp cost more, and the hard disk space required to fully take advantage of them along with the display hardware to also see the visual difference further compounds this cost issue. Simply put, 1080p or 2 Megapixel, is still a very sharp, viable, cost-effective option consumers are happy to have available. The fact of the matter is, while larger installations such as hospitals,  factories, or places that need fine detail might take full advantage of top tier 4k system, smaller offices, gas stations, and homes likely do not need a high-end 4k system unless they truly have the hardware and the funding to take advantage of these systems. For these smaller jobs looking for a quality cost-effective option, 1080p is the way to be!

Check our 2 Megapixel offerings in both IP, and COAx below, all available wholesale to our registered dealers!

2MP IP cameras

2MP COAX Cameras


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