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4K Security Cameras, WholeSale

Wholesale 4K Security Cameras, Now Available!

4K Security Cameras are now a Wholesale product featured at TchVision USA as one of our top requests. Specifically, we want to give you more information on our 4k IP series Cameras.
We have six models of  4k Security cameras to choose from in our IP series. There are x Turret Domes, we also have 2x Vandal domes, and there 2x bullets to choose from. The reason we have 2 of each shell-style is that there are fixed lens and motorized variants of each camera! Besides the lense, there are some differences between the two available series but first, we want to take a look at their similarities. That way no matter what you decide you’ll know what to expect.

All six of the cameras cam perform at 8 Megapixels, This is also known more widely as 4k resolution. This actual pixel resolution is3840 x 2160. This is a big jump in quality over 1080p (4x sharper), and even more so over 720p (8xs sharper). All of the cameras will record at 15 frames per second at 4k, but can push 25 frames per second if set at 3 megapixels.  The cameras can all encode in the newest h265 compression, as well as the more widely used h264. h265 is about a 64% decrease in file size for recordings at 4k when compared to h264. This allows for a lot more high-quality footage to be stored using the same amount of Hard disk Space. All of the cameras call also use some advanced AI features when connected with an AI capable NVR. We carry mounting solutions for all six shell styles, and all of them have some kind of adjustability for ease of installation in all sorts of places. Ip67 weather Protection rating is featured on all of the cameras, making them great for use indoors or outside. During the day all of the output of the camera a beautiful color 4k image, and at night can see in the dark with as little lighting as zero lux due to their SMART IR technology. Infrared length does vary from model to model, below is a list of the different IR lengths:

All 3x Motorized cams are 50meteres
Fixed vandal- 30m
Fixed Bullet 40m
Fixed Turret – 50m


Which set to use?

So what makes these units different from each other? when talking about audio input and I/O, there are a few differences even amongst them. The turret dome- and only the turret dome- comes equipped with a built-in mic for recording on-site audio right over the network.  Both of the Vandal Domes and The motorized Bullet, have an external audio input and Alarm I/O. The fixed bullet, has no audio or alarm capabilities at all. The most obvious and most important difference between these two sets of 8 MP cameras is the 4x optical zoom, and adjustable focus available only in the Motorized lens versions.

All six of these units are available now. If you have any questions regarding compatibility, installation, or availability- don’t hesitate to give one of our sales Pros a call at 561-288-1541. TechVision USA- your Vision for the Future of Security!

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