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Artificial Intelligence Features in CCTV

Artificial Intelligence Features in CCTV

Techvision USA now carries wholesale CCTV equipment with the newest Artificial Intelligence Features! Read below to check out some of the amazing thigns you can do with an AI NVR, or AI IP cameras.

Facial Cap and Database Recognition are some of the most sought after, and most useful Artificial Intelligence Features available right now! To take full advantage of this equipment you’ll want to have a facial capture capable Ai camera, and an AI NVR with Facial recognition and Database.

The AI camera will  know when it sees a human face in the captured footage, in real time. This can send  anotification to the user that a facial cap has occured. Additionallywhen paired with an AI recorder with database, the recorder can then catalog different search data found during these facial captures.

Some of the criteria this includes could be Gender, Hats, Glasses, Beards, etc. The databse housing this data can be referenced later by the system upon additional facial captures.  t You can at this time add rules or triggers on how the recorder will subsequently react to captures of that exact same face. 

Advanced Perimeter Protection

APD is another one of the amazing Artificial Intelligence Features found in thew nwesest AI capable cams and recorders.  Theres a few options hre for this. One form of APD is tits abuility to detect within a given scene Human Bodies or Vehicles.

Another way is the ability to set trigger rules to a given scene in a  similar manner to those you might find in our IVS features. Much like IVS a user can draw perimeters, and insert tripwires. What makes the AI version of this so unique, is that it actually has the ability to discern what kinds of objects are crossing the Perimeter rules and behave accordingly. For example, if you are filming a parking lot that has a lot of vehicle traffic you aren’t concerned with- but are concerned with unauthorized personnel trespassing on foot- the perimeter rules can be set to ignore objects the AI sees as “cars” and react to objects it sees as “people”.

You can then have the camera in question auto-track if it is a PTZ, trigger itself, and/or other cameras to record, send an alarm out a signal, and alert the user via push notifications of a wire or perimeter trip. Using AI with IVS for perimeter protection adds a dual-layer of false-alert mitigation. Targets have to cross the rules AND be read as a human or vehicle to count as an event trigger.

As amazing as this new tech is there are some important things to remember regarding what it can, and cannot do. Keep in mind that in order to take the most advantage of any of these setups- you will need to have an AI capable NVR, and an AI capable camera paired together. It is possible for some of the systems to process all the AI on the NVR end, and be used with a non-AI camera- however, there are limitations to this. Mostly these limits apply to the number of active cameras able to use AI features. 

Any of these options are great when looking into purchasing Wholesale Security Technology 
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