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Become a Reseller with TechVision USA!

TechVision USA is your online source for wholesale CCTV and security hardware, read on to learn how you can become a reseller today!

Do you own, operate, or manage a company that provides retail security or networking products to consumers? Are you an installations contractor for security, AC, network, electrical equipment or other low voltage installations? Then you have come to the right place to get access to the best CCTV hardware at wholesale rates! We are TechVision USA, and we’re happy to offer you the option to become a reseller with us! Why utilize TechVision USA?

We stay ahead of the game, while most CCTV options available to consumers are cheap and ineffective solutions offering little in the way of futureproofing or upgrading, Our hardware is always at the cutting edge. It doesn’t matter if your customers are looking for HD over COAX cameras and recorders, IP and network based CCTV solutions, or access control- TechMission USA has the latest and greatest available to keep your customers happy!

For installers you’ll be happy to know that our COAX equipment is the best on the market today. We carry COAX cameras and DVRs capable of utilizing advanced remote viewing, AI features, tripwire and intrusion box features, motion detection capable of eliminating non person or vehicle targets, and much more. In fact we now even carry COAX systems capable of pushing 4k, also known as 8 megapixels. That means your customers, or potential customers with existing COAX cable runs don’t have to shell out for new wire running, saving you time on potentially big jobs, and saving customers money making them more apt to choose your options.

Many of our resellers aren’t CCTV installers at all. In fact, many of our resellers are Computer networking our general security hardware retailers. Often times in computer networking environments, setting up IP based CCTV goes hand in hand with this. This means its good to keep a selection of IP cameras and NVRs at the ready if you sell networking products, we also carry PoE switches and ethernet cable by thousand foot spools for this purpose too.

Access Control is important for any business, and we carry Elite brand access control hardware designed to work alongside out Recorders in the same software suite. This keeps things simple, easy to manage, and feature rich too.

By applying to become a reseller, you’re well on your way to better products, better profits, and happier customers! It’s easy to don’t hesitate and apply to TechVision USA’s reseller program using the link below! If you have any another questions, or any technical support needs don’t hesitate to give us a call at 561 288 5258!


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