Black Friday 2021
Wholesale Security Cameras

Black Friday 2021

Black Friday 2021

Techvision USA is happy to announce our Black Friday 2021 Sale! Our Amazing wholesale prices are now even lower for the holiday season! Currently, we are offering an additional 10% off plus free shipping on any size order for our registered dealers! This applies to anything we are currently selling out of our amazing inventory of high-tech security products! Don’t forget to enter code BLACKFRIDAY21 at checkout, or simply call in to place an order with one of our sales pros! (561.288-1541)

We carry the most up-to-date coax CCTV tech in the business. This includes COAX and IP-based Camera systems and Recorders. DVRs, aka Digital Video recorders, can now push high-quality 4k video, and the existing customers might be ready to upgrade their current coax system to a new high-resolution SMD+ capable DVR and cameras! While Ip cameras are almost certainly becoming the standard for brand new installations, COAX systems are still integrated into many different homes and businesses across the world. Because of this, COAX tech is still incredibly relevant and we have done our diligence to make sure the COAX equipment we carry is up to a modern standard This means our COAX DVRs and Camera systems can handle resolutions up to even 4k, and AI features as well. Most if not all of our DVRs can also take advantage of IP cameras to use these in conjunction, saving you and your customers thousands on cabling and installation vs upending existing, working tech in favor of new IP systems.

However, IP cameras do offer much more new AI features, a better range of high resolutions, and tend to be better on new installations. No worries as our Black Friday 2021 Sale applies to these as well! Featuring unprecedented processing power, resolution capabilities, and a hot of advanced AI features sIP cameras are the wave of the future. Facial recognition and database logging with comparison, thermal imaging, AI IVS, and Motion features are all a part of the advanced feature set capable with the newest IP cameras. Of course, all of our CCTV systems, COAX, and IP are capable of being accessed remotely for the purpose of viewing lie, and downloading footage from your PC.

When considering stocking up for your security-conscious clients this holiday season, don’t let access control slip your mind! Access Control uses a central control board, linked by wiring and network yo a Pc, as well as several locking and access mechanisms such a small locks, door strikes, keypad, card readers, and push to exit and enter buttons. using this system and its software you can control, who, when, where, and how any given personally has access to.

Any of these options are great when looking into purchasing Wholesale Security Technology
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