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Bulk Security Equipment with TechVison

Bulk Security Equipment with TechVison

TechVision USA is a premier dealer of bulk security equipment at wholesale prices. If you operate a retail security equipment company, or installations, or even both, look no further than television for the best quality products and pricing on bulk security equipment. The reason to purchase wholesale is specifically because of the amazing pricing offered only when purchasing a large amount of the same variants of items at once. This is done to keep inventory stocked so you always have the products needed for your customers without worry. Additionally, the reduced per-unit costs mean higher profit margins for those reselling the equipment at retail or installer prices.

The most common types of bulk purchases we receive are for our security cameras and related equipment We carry security cameras of all shapes, sizes, connection types, power profiles, and purposes. For example, if you need COAx cameras that use RG59 COAX cable to send their video data back to a Digital Video Recorder, rest assured we carry these. We carry COAX cameras that range in resolutions as low as 1080p, all the way up to UHD or 4k. many support audio either by embedded microphone or via external audio input. We also carry amazing quality DVRs from the same series as our cameras, which are fully compatible with the four video signal types: CVI TVI AHD and CVBS. Additionally, there are hybrids for the most part, also capable of accepting a limited number of IP cameras.

Speaking of IP cameras, we also carry these for bulk sale.  IP cameras use an Ethernet cable (cat 5e 0r cat 6) to connect to computer networks, or directly to the POE (power over ethernet) board on an NVR that has one. These cameras also receive their power over this same ethernet cable, making them an amazing solution for new installations which need brand new cabling ran. Additionally, we carry NVrs with both onboard POE ports for smaller installs, and POE switches for larger camera capacity NVrs for larger installations. Like our COAX cameras, our IP cameras feature resolutions ranging from 2MP or 1080p, all the ay up to 4k.

Additionally, all of our cameras come in various shell styles like Vandal dome, turret dome, and bullet based on the unit type. for both COAX and IP cameras, we carry fixed lens, motorized zoom, and full PTZ cameras. Our COAX cams can even do PTZ right over Coax using CoC (control over coax) eliminating pesky rs485!

Aside from CCTV, we also carry access control equipment in bulk. This includes AC panels/control boards, as well as card readers, thumbprint readers, pin-pads/keypads, and keyfob readers as well as the cards and fobs themselves. We also stock high-powered maglocks and failsafe/secure door strikes.

Thanks for reading our article today about our available bulk security equipment. We have cameras in any kind of shape or style you need, including bullets, turret domes, and vandal domes. This also includes our world-class tech support and customer service! Techvision USA has everything you need to supply your customers with the most advanced surveillance hardware available and give them the peace of mind they’re trying to achieve. For more info on availability, compatibility, or any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to give our sales pros a call!


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