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TechVision USA is your #1 source for advanced security camera features on our selection of wholesale CCTV Equipment! Check out some of the amazing features found on our aweosme election below!

IR and Starlight Technology:
Most CCTV cameras today come equipped with an Infrared lighting emitter to blanket the area with infrared light at night, to allow it to still be able to see in the dark albeit in a monochrome image. Starlight technology is an enhancement to a camera’s ability to see in dimmer, but available lighting, which has two benefits. Firstly, a camera will be able to see outdoors in the evening a bit longer before it must switch to IR. This could mean a camera sees in a clear color image up to 7 o clock at night rather than 5:30 or 6. It also means that when IR does activate, the starlight feature allows the camera to capture a better quality image, allowing more visibility of details even in black and white.

Intelligent Video Surveillance is one of the more common and sought-after security camera features. IVS allows the user to judge movement in a scene, but with far more precision than motion detection. You can set tripwire or intrusion box lines in the scene, and an object such as a person or vehicle would have to cross via the specified direction(s) to trigger the rule, resulting in similar reactions as explained above in motion detection. These two features greatly assist in even local security personnel being able to track the day-to-day activity on the premises.

Active Deterrence:
One of our newest camera features is active deterrence. Cameras with Active deterrence Utilize IVS rules, in tandem with a built-in speaker and Bright flashing LED. These cameras have the ability to sound an alarm when someone breaks an IVS trigger rule. The alarm can be one of the stock sounds or phrases, or custom sound and recording can be uploaded as well.  This allows the camera to function as either a deterrent or even as a greeter. The camera could be programmed to sound an alarm and alert trespassers they are being watched, deterring them from committing a crime. it could also be set to greet guests with a positive message “welcome to our store, have a great day!”


Thanks for reading our article today about our available Wholesale CCTYV equipment and amazing Camera features. We have cameras in any kind of shape or style you need, including bullets, turret domes, and vandal domes. We have PTZs cameras, coax, and IP cameras too! Techvision USA has everything you need to supply your customers with the most advanced surveillance hardware available and give them the peace of mind they’re trying to achieve. For more info on availability, compatibility, or any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to give our sales pros a call!


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