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Camera Quality, How Do I Choose?

Camera Quality, How Do I Choose?

Hey Everyone, Techvision has another great article for you today about Camera Quality, and what each resolution option means in relationship to each other. Your Camere quality is destined first by the resolution the camera can produce. Secondly, it is determined by which bitrate is set on this camera. Your camera quality can hit a specific maximum resolution as shown by the number of megapixels any camera can produce. you’ll also need a display to take advantage of your camera’s full quality, see the info below for a quick look at what kind of display you’ll need to see each resolution.

1MP – 720p display (also known as HD, mostly discontinued and considered obsolete)
2MP – 1080p display (also known as FHD)
4MP – 1440p display (also known as 2k)
8mp – 2160p display (also known as 4k, or UHD)

As an example, check out these  3 different Dome units.

The first is our 2MP Series Cameras. Twice as sharp as the older 1MP cameras. 1 MP cameras are generally not available anymore, and currently, 1080p or 2MP is considered the universal standard.

Next up is our 4MP cameras. Many of us consider 4MP to be the sweet spot in today’s CCTV world for camera quality. That’s because 4MP sit sits between 8MP’s quality and 2MP’ss storage tradeoff.

Lastly, our 4k- or 8MP Cameras, are the kings of raw camera quality. In terms of sheer image sharpness, nothing beats these if you have a 4k display. However, repair to have the storage to back it up! 4k is a data-hog!

Now take a look at the 4 copies of this image below. The first is an 8 MP image, the second is 4, the third is 2Mp, and the last is 1MP. Compare all 4 and see how much larger the image is able to get and maintain quality using the higher resolutions. Try to zoom in on the low-resolution options and see how fuzzy they gate as they become larger!

8 Megapixel Example, Click here or below to enlarge!

4 Megapixel Image Link

2 Megapixel Image Link

1 Megapixel Image Link





You’ll be happy to know no matter what your consumers are trying to achieve, all of these choices are available now, wholesale through TechVisionUSA. Higher camera quality is always better, but the location the installation is taking place ensures they have the HDD space, and a solid network. These kinds of things can be really difficult to decide on your own, that’s why we employ a team of highly trained sales pros ready to help you determine what equipment is best for your needs. For more information on our 2MP, 4MP, 8MP IP cameras or any of our amazing Security products, call 561-288-1541 today!

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