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CCTV at Wholesale Prices

CCTV at Wholesale Prices

TechVision USA is the number one retailer of CCTV at Wholesale Prices! We work with installers, dealers, distributors, and resellers across the USA!

We specialize in providing the best pricing, and the best security tech for those looking to purchase in bulk quantities. Wholesale gives you the power to make purchases for large quantities of products, along with a pricing model that is different than retail pricing as an incentive for these types of bulk purchases. This can be extremely beneficial for those who are contractors or installers looking to make the most profit possible off of any given job or contract.

Wholesale Security Technology is also great for owners of larger and/or multiple establishments such as retail outlets, franchisees,  warehouses, factories, or even large government installations such as hospitals. Rather than paying retail cost on aper installation basis- you can plan out the security setups at all of your locations and save a ton of capital by investing in wholesale security technology. No matter the situation, purchasing wholesale security technology is far more effective than retail for larger purchases.

There are many different types of security tech we carry for wholesale as well, and you might be wondering what your options are when purchasing through Techvision USA. Check out this list of some of the options we have available and how these technologies can benefit you, or your potential clients!

Access control uses a series of components connected together to form a cohesive access control system. These components include but are not limited to Magnetic Locks, Door Strikes, Card Readers, Push Buttons, control panel(s), and a central PC workstation. These components work together to allow the user to decide who can, and cannot access various locations or even areas within a given location based on time, card access, pin access, or even fingerprints!

CCTV, or closed-circuit television, is the term used to describe a system of cameras and recorders working to provide security footage for a given location. Today, there are two major types of technologies used to achieve high quality, reasonable CCTV footage. These are Digital HD over COAX and IP or Network CCTV systems. The first used to be the most common install type, and for those who still have existing equipment this option is great to save money, and time- while still achieving really great image quality and recording.

For those looking into a brand new system- the level of control and quality made possible by IP cameras is unmatched! These cameras use Ethernet cable to transmit data, and even power when using Power Over Ethernet.


Any of these options are great when looking into purchasing Wholesale Security Technology 
For more info on these or any other products check out the links below- or call us to talk to a sales Pro at- 561-288-1541

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