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CCTV Cameras Wholesale by TechVision!

CCTV Cameras Wholesale by TechVision!

TechVision USA wants to be your new, and primary source for the bulk purchase of CCTV Cameras wholesale available online!!

We carry systems and CCTV cameras wholesale for just about any application or purpose you could possibly think of! It doesn’t matter if you need COAX rg45 based cameras and a Digitial Video Recorder. Maybe you are looking for bulk IP cameras and Network Video Recorders? TechVision USA Carries it all including hybrid DVRs that are able to use both IP and COAX cameras! The options and possibilities are nearly endless when you choose TechVision USA as your prime dealer of CCTV cameras wholesale!

Both our IP and COAX cameras have amazing features, from stationary lenses to motorized zoom all the way to advanced full-featured PTZ cameras. We often get asked which is better, COAX or IP cameras, but the answer might surprise you!

The answer is honestly both!!! Currently, the vast majority of existing CCTV installations worldwide are COAX. That means there’s a built-in upgrade demographic that would love to add more cameras- and- save money in the process.  A COAX PTZ is an excellent addition to an existing COAX and DVR system. They are very straightforward to install, requiring power and video. Our modern COAX PTZs don’t require delicate serial connections to use- but can do everything right over the BNC cable using high-tech HDCVI control protocol.

Now for new or existing IP camera and NVR installations, we would recommend you use an IP system. IP cameras in general have higher resolutions available and have special menus that can be accessed by IP address right from your PC’s browser. IP Cameras are easier to install new or add to an existing installation. Unlike their COAX counterparts, they do not require additional serial cabling, addressing, or Buad rate information to set up.

When looking into getting more advanced features such as AI facial capture and recognition, IP cameras and their NVR recorders will likely yield for you the best results with the most available features, so that’s another reason to consider a newer IP-based system as well. However, for those looking for more generic coverage with still a great host of features like IVS, remote viewing, TZ, and motion detection, COAX is an awesome selection as well!


Thanks for joining us today as we talked about everything IP PTZ. For any questions on compatibility, availability, or pricing- give our sales pros a call at 5561.288-1541.  If you enjoyed the video or found it helpful don’t forget to toss us a like and hit subscribe. Until next time, stay safe!


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