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On any given day, there is a number of people looking for the best option to purchase new security and surveillance devices. If you’re one of them (and not the type of buyer interested in Amazon results), chances are you’re familiar with the broad range of options. Not only are there a lot of different types of security cameras available, but there are also numerous CCTV manufacturers and security camera suppliers to choose from. If you have any questions about the leading CCTV Manufacturers call TechVision USA today and learn more about how to qualify to become an independent dealer and distributor of our surveillance products. 561-288-1541


It’s often surprising to see just how much difference the price range can be between these competing CCTV manufacturers and surveillance suppliers. It’s also important to understand what sets the manufacturers apart beyond offering different CCTV and surveillance products. Below we’ll break down some of the important factors to determine how to get the best pricing and find the right option for you.


How To Find The Best CCTV Manufacturers To Work With

Once you decide to pursue your search for new video surveillance equipment, you’ll likely begin by requesting quotes. In order to make the most from your investment, you’ll need to determine the appropriate factors to get the absolute best pricing, products, AND services. After all, just because one bid might be incredibly lower, it’s possible you aren’t seeing the entire picture.


These factors will be key to getting the best pricing for the actual products you are looking for.

What Sector Of The Security Surveillance Industry Do You Belong To?


To begin, you should go in with an understanding of what sector if the security surveillance industry you work with. This knowledge will allow you to discuss with the CCTV manufacturers or suppliers if they are an appropriate fit from the get-go. It can be helpful to learn that, as professional security camera installers or incorporated CCTV dealers, there are many suppliers who will give you the chance to register as an authorized dealer. Why is this important? 


Registered dealers will generally receive exclusive wholesale CCTV pricing from suppliers. Be sure to know which of the categories you or your customers fit into and ask the business you’re considering if you’d be a good fit. Some things to consider might be:


  • Private Home User (Amateur, Intermediate, Professional Knowledge)
  • Small Business (Local Retailer, Professional Installers, Online CCTV Resellers, etc.)
  • Big Business (Major Purchasing Needs, 7-Figure Annual Sales, Corporations)
  • Applications (Residential, Commercial, Industrial)
  • Industry (Construction, Government, Retail, Warehouse, Transportation, etc.)


These are only meant to be examples to better understand how your needs fit in with the market. Finding CCTV manufacturers that are familiar with conducting business with similar companies to meet their demands is an easy way to know you’re on the right track.

Do You Need Analog CCTV or Network IP Security Products?


One of the biggest discrepancies found regarding the cost of new security camera systems will be between traditional analog CCTV products and new Network IP Systems. It’s no question that IP surveillance technologies are the future. IP technologies are already advancing the industry standard and pushing expectations for what security cameras can do. This is predominantly due to the fact that they require less cabling, produce much higher quality images, and offer easier remote accessibility, among other things.

However, analog CCTV systems aren’t completely obsolete yet. They are still in use in many locations and can be seen as a cost-effective option for those with a tighter budget. Older analog CCTV products can be as much as 50% less than their IP counterparts at times and are still a suitable security surveillance solution for certain scenarios. Understanding these differences and whether or not you need to have pricing for more analog CCTV or Network IP systems can help you determine which suppliers are a better fit, especially moving forward.

How Important Will Integration Between Security Surveillance Devices Be?


Piggybacking on the last point, you’ll need to understand your goals and, if there is one, what the current video surveillance system installation is in place. Although it can be tempting to purchase budget-friendly options, many older analog CCTV systems will be incapable of integrating with new products and limited in scalability. This might produce complications as your surveillance needs to change with growth and time. On top of that, you should know if your cameras can work with access control equipment, alarm systems, fire detection devices, and any other safety equipment that might be in place. Speaking with the CCTV manufacturers about what your applications, needs, and goals are prior purchasing to will be a helpful way to make the most of your investment.


Do The CCTV Manufacturers Provide Free Technical Support For Their Products?

Due to the constantly advancing nature of security surveillance technologies, there’s a strong likelihood you’ll need technical support at some point. Some CCTV manufacturers and suppliers outsource their technical support or charge additional fees. You should consider how important it is to have access to experts for the products you’re purchasing if you want the most from your investment.


Closing Thoughts

These four determinations are a strong starting point to choosing which CCTV manufacturers to work with. Although there are many other factors, like if rebranding is available and warranty options, these factors should be enough to produce a shortlist of potential options. In conclusion, the more research you perform on the various options available to you, the strong your chances of finding the best CCTV manufacturers to satisfy your specific needs. Of course, you can always contact us to learn more about how we can help assist you. TechVision USA is a leading US security camera manufacturer that produces cutting-edge technologies and security solutions for dealers, integrators, and more. Contact us to learn how to become a registered reseller or investigate our collection of professional video surveillance products to learn more about what we offer.


If you have any questions about the leading CCTV Manufacturers call TechVision USA today and learn more about how to qualify to become an independent dealer and distributor of our surveillance products. 561-288-1541

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