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CCTV Resale Dealer

TechVision USA is an online CCTV Resale Dealer, also known as a wholesaler, providing bulk pricing on CCTV hardware!

Our Goal is to provide the best pricing possible as a CCTV Resale Dealer. We want you to be able to provide your customers better retail rates, and compete with the other options out there with competitive rates and cutting edge hardware.

We sell CCTV cameras and systems wholesale for a variety of uses! Whether you want COAX rg45 based cameras and DVRs or bulk IP cameras and Network Video Recorders. Maybe you want hybrid DVRs that can use both IP and COAX cameras? TechVision USA has everything you need, including hybrid DVRs that can use both IP and COAX cameras! The possibilities are virtually endless when you deal with TechVision USA as your CCTV cameras wholesale!

COAX and IP cameras have numerous advantages, from stationary lenses to motorized zoom to advanced full-featured PTZ cameras. Sometimes people wonder which cameras are better, COAX or IPs, but the answer might surprise them!

The answer is both! Currently, the great majority of existing CCTV systems worldwide are COAX. That means that those with an upgrade demographic would love to add more cameras and save money in the process. COAX PTZs are an excellent addition to an existing COAX based cameras and DVR systems. Power and video are required for COAX PTZs, so they can be installed and operate properly. They have amazing benefits providing multidirectional control and zoom features. This is provided via HDCVI controls and RS485, either of which are required for COAX PTZ. However it is possible to do everything right over the BNC cable. When connected t his way they can be used without any issues using high-tech HDCVI protocol in one of our awesome DVRs!

For new or existing IP NVRs, we recommend using an IP system. IP cameras in general have higher resolutions and have different menus that can be accessed via an IP address from your PC’s browser. IP Cameras are simpler to install new or existing than COAX counterparts. They do not require serial wiring, addressing, or bus rates information to set up.

If you want to add more advanced features like AI facial capture and recognition, IP cameras and NVR recorders to your IP-based surveillance system, you will most likely get the best results with the most features, so that’s another reason to consider an IP-based system. However, for those who want to cover a wider range of functions like IVS, remote viewing, TZ, and motion detection, COAX is an excellent choice as well!

Thanks for reading about TechVision usa the nations #1 online CCTV Resale Dealer! For any questions on compatibility, availability, or pricing- give our sales pros a call at 5561.288-1541.  If you enjoyed the video or found it helpful don’t forget to toss us a like and hit subscribe. Until next time, stay safe!

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