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COAX VS IP, TechVision Answers Which is Better.

COAX VS IP, TechVision Answers Which is Better.

There’s an ongoing debate in the CCTV world That TechVision USA aims to answer: “COAX VS IP, which is better?” That question is asked to us very often because the CCTV world is growing and expanding in new technologies all the time. Like any technological field, this expounded growth can result in market saturation that can make choosing the right product often a confusing or daunting task. However the debate here, “Coax Vs IP” is not referring to any particular brand or specific feature unique to one or two manufacturers. Rather this is a discussion about the two major types of available technologies used to have cameras and their recorders talk to each other.

In actuality there really isnt a good way to determine a direct, and pure answer to the debate of COAX vs IP cameras. This is because the reality is a bit more complicated, and frankly situational. To understand better it helps to know what COAX and IP cameras are, how they differ and thus gain a better concept of why they would be used in place of each other in various scenarios.

A CCTV system is composed of various strategically positioned cameras that communicate their video feed to a central recording station. They can do this generally one of two different methods, based on what kind of cameras and recorders you are using. COAX cameras communicate their video feed to a Digital Video Recorder or DVR by way of COAX cables, usually Rg59. COAX cameras send digital information over this analog cable, and the DVR encodes and records. COAX cameras shave been around a lot longer, and so many locations with existing CCTV installations have COAX cameras.

IP cameras however communicate their video data totally digitally by way of cat5e or cat6 ethernet cable back to a Network Video Recorder (NVR), or, a Hybrid DVR capable of accepting IP cameras over a network connection. Now IP cameras generally have a higher resolution standard and better AI features than most COAX cameras. However, not only is this not always the case, but depending on the needs of the client, and if they have existing cabling, COAX cameras can be just as good, and far more cost-effective than their IP counterparts.

Many like to think that on a brand new installation with no cabling already ran, and much labor to be done anyway, IP is likely a good choice for going into the future. However if a location has tons of cabling already existing in the structure for power and COAX video feed, there are much newer AI capable and high res COAX camera systems that can utilize this existing cabling. Features like motion detection, PTZ, IVS, and more are present across both kinds of systems.

So the reality is, the debate COAX VS IP, isn’t really a debate at all. Moreso, it’s an assessment of your client’s current needs and what will save them, and you, the most time and money while providing the needed security and coverage. TechVision USA is a leading wholesale dealer of COAX and IP CCTV cameras and systems.

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