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Color at night? Its Possible with Techvision USA!

Color at night? Yes, it’s possible!

For years many have hoped and wondered “When are we going to get a CCTV camera that’s capable of doing color at night?” That day has come!

Now with our Full-Color camera technology, this is completely possible! For a long time though it was not truly an achievable goal, so what did we use instead in order to see in the dark? Infrared technology! See infrared is a wavelength of light that the human eye cannot detect but exists around us like any other right source. When it gets totally dark, the camera would flip on the IR, and flood the area with invisible lighting to the human eye. Our CCTV cameras can then pick up on this, and for the purpose of seeing clearly, apply a black and white filter to the image so when we look at it- we see a high contrast high detail monochrome picture. This is great and all but it leaves color out in the dark!

Next, we added starlight technology, which allowed our cameras to see long into the evening before switching to IR, as their lenses were capable of seeing color with less and less light. When the IR does turn on, starlight works in and provides a much better more detailed image than IR alone. Again though, this is still black and white, so what about color at night?

We made a video to show you just how awesome these cameras can be. Full-Color cameras use advanced lenses coupled with embedded super bright white light LEDs to flood the area with ambient white light. The camera is then capable of seeing everything in the scene in full color, in what would have otherwise been a completely dark environment. In the video below, we go over all of these technologies to show you how much better the full-color camera is at delivering this type of image in near-total darkness. As you watch, keep in mind the lighting in the room never actually changes, were simply switching between different cameras capable of different levels of dealing with the darkness!


Full Color Bullet
Full Color Dome

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Thanks for joining us today, and until next time- Stay Safe!

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