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Color at Night time with SCK CCTV

Color at Night Time With Full Color Cameras

One thing we get asked about a lot is how to get Color at Night Time with your CCTV System. Introducing Full Color Cameras.

For a long time, night vision was only doable in a green hue, or monochrome black and white. This is due to the nature by which cameras project, and take back in refracted infrared light in order to see in the dark a way that the human eye simply can not do. While this has served very well, in somatization full color might be a big priority. Is this even achievable?

Well, now with our Full-Color camera technology this is completely possible. You can see in the video, the image now is substantially more clear than when it was dark, and even clearly still than the starlight camera.  Believe it or not, the same amount of lighting is in this room right now that has been the whole time, we haven’t switched on an extra bulb or used any tricks. Despite that near-zero lighting, you can see so many details you could not have seen before. Things like hair and shirt color are now completely visible- and detectable by AI features. To take it a step further- these cameras feature a front-mounted Lamp that can provide additional ambient lighting for a near daytime level of clarity- check it out.

You’re looking at the same lighting environment as before, again no changes to the lighting in the video, but now with the front lamps engaged on the full-color camera for maximum clarity! As you can see, Full color is an extremely impressive technology that opens up multiple applications of use. We do recommend, however, that with either starlight or Full color, these cameras be mounted in an ara that has at least some minimal ambient lighting to take full advantage of their capabilities.

Lastly, Let’s take a quick look at this camera in a pure daylight environment. As you can see in a pure daylight environment the camera films an amazing quality image as well- showing at any time of day these Full-color cameras can give you the image you need, with the clarity you expect.

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Thanks for joining us today, and until next time- Stay Safe!

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