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IP Camera Features

CCTV cameras today are supplied with an infrared lighting emitter in order to illuminate the area with infrared light at night, in order to see in the dark but in a monochrome image. Starlight technology provides a second advantage over dimmer but available lighting, which allows a camera to see outdoors for a bit longer before switching to infrared. A camera that uses starlight technology can capture clear color images up to 7 o’clock at night, rather than 5:30 or 6. In addition, the infrared lighting emitter function captures a better quality image, enabling more visibility of details even in black and white images, so that more light is available. If you are looking for the most trustworthy IP Camera Features company look no further than TechVision USA!


Intelligent Video Surveillance is one of the more prominent and desired security camera features. You can judge the movement of an object in a scene using IVS, but with much more accuracy than motion detection. You can set tripwire or intrusion barrier lines in the scene, and an object such as a person or vehicle would have to move in the specified directions to trigger the rule, as explained above in motion detection. These two features greatly assist local security personnel in tracking daily activities..


We recently added a new camera feature to our lineup. The cameras with active deterrence use IVS rules, in tandem with a built-in speaker and bright flashing LED. These cameras can sound an alarm if someone breaks an IVS trigger rule. The alarm can be one of the stock sounds or phrases, or custom sound and recording can also be uploaded. This allows the camera to function as either a deterrent or even as a welcoming friend. It can be programmed to sound an alarm and alert trespassers they are being watched, dissuading them from committing a crime. It can also welcome guests with a welcoming message “welcome to our store, have a great day!”


Our Wholesale CCTYV equipment and incredible IP Camera features have been detailed in today’s article. We have any kind of shape or style you may want, including bullets, turret domes, and vandal domes. We also have PTZs cameras, coax, and IP cameras. Techvision USA has everything customers want in the most advanced surveillance equipment available and gives them the peace of mind they want. For more information on availability, compatibility, or any other questions, give us a call!

IP Camera Features

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