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IP POE Cameras – Wholesale!

TechvVision USA is the Nation’s largest and most competitively priced dealer of wholesale IP POE cameras and equipment for CCTV!

IP POE Cameras are dominating the CCTV market right now for so many awesome reasons! IP POE Cameras are Network based cameras designed to work with NVRs or Hybrid DVRs, which feature POE! One of the most fundamentally important and best features of IP cameras is their ability to use power over ethernet, also known as POE for short! This amazing tech allows you to transmit data, and power, over a single cat5e or cat6 ethernet or networking cable. TechVision USA carries a wide selection of Wholesale POE security cameras, as well as POE equipment to work with those cameras!

COAX cameras used to be the primary type of camera out in the wild. In fact, many places still have them installed. That’s why we of course still sell and support wholesale COAX CCTV equipment as well. However, most newer DVRs will also support IP cameras. Using a POE injector or a POE switch, you can tie in an IP camera or two to an existing DVR system and spend a lot less on cabling and time.

In fact, that’s a huge reason why investing in wholesale POE security cameras and related equipment is such a great idea. With COAX cameras, you need to run separate power, and video cables for each camera. With Power Over Ethernet, however- you able to send up to 15.4 watts of power and data up to a distance of 100 meters, or around 300 feet. Using only a single cable per camera, especially on a new install of decent size, can save such a large amount of money, time, and man-hours on that installation versus using two cables going two different directions potentially with COAX cameras.

Many NVRs, or network video recorders, which natively use IP cameras also come with onboard POE ports. This allows for a relatively plug-and-play installation when using cameras and recorders from the same series. These types of NVRs are also available as part of the greater wholesale POE security equipment we carry!

Be sure to check out our upcoming info on POE+ and ePOE technologies which allow for more power or greater distance than standard POE.

No matter what your security needs are, TechVision USA has you covered. From wholesale POE Cameras and recorders, to access control- we’ve got the right tools at the right prices. For all your wholesale security needs, always remember to turn to TechVison USA!

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