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License Plate Recognition Cameras

License Plate Recognition Cameras

TechVision USA is excited to talk about our amazing License Plate Recognition Cameras, now available online or over the phone wholesale!

License Plate Recognition Cameras are one of the most currently sought-after pieces of CCTV technology on the market today. For many reasons, people have been needing cameras capable of visually capturing license plates from vehicles on the property accurately. For a long time, there have been cameras built and designed to deal with this type of circumstance, and when one would need to go back and review footage, they can easily and clearly see the plate they are trying to capture.

However awesome license plate-capable cameras are, they’re one step shy of being true License Plate Recognition Cameras. So what is the difference? what makes TechVision USA’s E series of License Plate Recognition Cameras (LPR Cameras) so incredible? The difference lies in their AI-powered detection and recognition system. How does this work? Well simply put, our  LPR cameras are set up to utilize a frame of reference, decided by the user during the setup wizard. This wizard allows the user to highlight the area of the road they want focused on by the camera. The user can also insert a snap line, to determine where the cameras will capture the plate when a vehicle crosses the snap line. When this event occurs, the cameras will not only grant you an excellent shot of the car and plate in question but using its AI-powered LPR it can actually read what the plate says.

You read that right- Our LPR E series cameras can actually read what the plate says and display this data for you on screen- but that’s not all! Using an SD card with these cameras gives them the ability to record these plates to a database for reference. Additionally, when paired with an NVR using ANPR- or Automatic Number Plate Recognition- this same process can be done without an SD card. These LPRs are IP cameras and normally are tied to or connected with an NVR anyway, so getting an NVR with ANPR for these LPR cameras is a no-brainer!

The database feature either by way of the LPR or ANPR NVR allows the user to set up various options. You can smart search based on plate detection, allowing you to pull up the moment in footage time when the car in question was on site. You can also create black lists and white lists which allow you to trigger even further behaviors. NVR alarm out can be tied to Access control hardware or local alarms to indicate when a blacklisted plate or whitelisted plate pulls in. This can also be set to alert you, anywhere in the world right from your smartphone!

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