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Newest CCTV Features at TechVision USA

The Newest CCTV Features at TechVision USA

TechVision USA Carries wholesale cameras and recorders featuring the most cutting-edge and newest CCTV features available in the industry today. Read on to learn more about some of these amazing features and how carrying them can benefit your component catalog!

The Newest CCTV Features – LP Recognition Cameras

Before our amazing LP cameras powered by AI tech, an LP cam was just designed to get a slightly better off moving cars and their plates. You’d still have to manually sift through this footage if you needed data for an event. Now, with our new AI-IPLP cams, digital plate recognition, capture and logging are possible. These cams can work without AINVRs as well to log their plate and vehicle data to both a local onboard SD card or an NVR they are paired with.

The Newest CCTV Features –Facial Capture and Recognition

AI features are the wave of the future, and no AI features would be complete without Facial capture, recognition, and database logging. These AI Facial Recognition and Capture cams can actually identify human faces in an image, and even log additional data such as hats, glasses, facial features, and more. This data can be logged and added to database systems for reference. You’ll be able to track employee movement throughout a given location based on their reference photos uploaded to the NVR. There are so many more features here too, don’t hesitate to call our sales team and ask all about it!

The Newest CCTV Features – Human and Vehicle Detection

Many of the other AI features in these systems are at their core powered by Human Vs Vehicle Detection and Recognition. Cars and people are by far the two most commonly tracked subjects in CCTV, and having systems with the ability to recognize, discern, pay explicit attention to, or even ignore these subjects is key. It helps eliminate false alerts while simultaneously generating mroe accurate ones that can help log and direct data far more effectively. 

The Newest CCTV Features  –SMD

DVRs do not have as many AI-capable features as their NVR counterpart. However, They do have one key AI feature -SMD- or smart motion detection. Whileone AIU feature they do have is SMD. SMD uses the human/vehicle detection feature’s capability in tandem with normal motion detection. This allows the user to set SMD to eliminate/ignore or pay special attention to people or vehicles. This can greatly reduce false alerts, and provide much easier searching.

The Newest CCTV Features – AI IVS

Much like SMD, AI IVS uses the human and vehicle detection feature to enhance an already amazing tool. IVs rules such as tripwire and intrusion can be set to ignore people or vehicles. The IVs feature was already very good at reducing false alerts, with AI enhancement, you’ll virtually never be bothered by this kind of issue!


Call today to discuss wholesale options for the equipment with the newest CCTV features! We specialize as well, in Access control equipment too. For a complete picture of all the security solutions, we offer to check out the content on this site! Additionally makes sure to call in for more info on a product, pricing, or how to become a partner. That number is

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