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NVR Features with TechVision USA

NVR Features with TechVision USA

Hello Everyone, TechVision USA here with more info on our wholesale NVR Features and options! NVR Features are an important factor when choosing what product to stock for your customers.

NVR is short for Network Video Recorder, as you know these systems are designed to handle IP cameras.

One of the nicest NVR features in CCTV tech today is the ability to access a camera’s internal settings easily and effectively. Until IP, the only way to do this was by using a PTZ controller- which often had poor interactivity or response. You’d have to use this PTz controller to access the camera’s OSD- or on-screen-display and navigate through a list of text-based menus, hoping to find what you need. Image setting, day/night settings might be there, might be hard to find, and the OSD also often has finicky behavior that sometimes isn’t clear how to operate, or if a setting took effect.

With IP cameras on a network, you can access their settings directly from the NVRs interface. Additionally, you can use a PC to connect to these cameras over their IP address and bring up a direct web interface exclusively for the camera you’re working with! This means the deepest most specific settings in the camera are far more easily accessible and easier to manipulate. There is also a much clearer indication of whether or not the effect of your settings. 

Additionally, resolutions such as 4k are doable using h264 video compression on the best NVRs we carry today. These units are able to save you tons of space by squeezing that super high-quality resolution into file seizes up to 65% smaller than h642 compression at 4k! That’s a lot more recording time!

Here is a list of some of the newest, and most high tech IP Camera / NVR Features available on our recorders and cameras right now:

  • Facial Capture
  • Facial Recognition
  • People counting
  • Human Body Detection
  • Vehicle detection
  • AI IVS
  • Thermal Technology
  • Human Feature logging
  • Person vs Vehicle elimination

On Newer installations, most customers are interested to hear what kinds of awesome and new NVR features are available for their CCTV applications. many of these options are enticing as they provide additional layers of control or security to a given location. Make sure that the products you stock have the newest features available by purchasing wholesale with Techvision USA!

With our reputation for top-tier tech and world-class technical support, you know your int the right hands if you decide to go with TechVision USA, Your online source for Security equipment at the best wholesale rates!

For more info on which technologies we carry call our Sales Pros at 561.288-1541.

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