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Techvison USA is a bulk supplier of CCTV equipment including the latest and greatest NVRs and DVRs, wholesale!

It’s hard to deny the amazing selection we have here at TechVision USA! We have been known as the USA’s #1 online dealer of wholesale security hardware, and now we want to show you the best we have in NVRs and DVRs. We often get asked about the difference, what’s best, and when one would use either of these technologies! As a CCTV reseller, its good to know the history of this hardware and what the best option for your customers is!

DVRs or Digital Video Recorders have been around a long time now, much longer than NVRs. While the concept of the DVR isn’t new, the technology in the latest and greatest ones certainly is. Back in the day DVRs recorded analog incoming video signals by encoding them digitally and writing them to a CD, DVD, or Hard disk. Today the same type of physical connection is used still- BNC connector on RG59 COAX cable. However, the signal that transmits over the cable is no longer analog. While you might still hear those who have been in the field refer to DVR and COAx as analog, this is 100% technically INCORRECT.  Technically it is Digital HD over COAX, not analog.  Old habits die hard, but it can’t hurt to know the difference!

Today DVRs are Hybrid, capable of working with HD over COAX cameras, and completely capable of broadcasting 4K 8 Mgepaixel signals and recording them. They can also work with IP cameras if the need arises, though might not be able to use every single AI-powered IP feature out there.

Take a look at these awesome DVRs!

We said we have NVRs and DVRs and we didn’t lie!

NVR stands for Network Video Recorder and these work exclusively with e most cutting-edge IP cameras. IP cameras utilize Power over ethernet to receive their power and send their video data to an NVR all over a single cat5e or cat6 Ethernet cable- wild! Many NVr’s features onboard POE ports for ease of use., Single cable solutions are awesome and mean less labor time. Not to mention that AI is at the forefront of the newest advents in CCTV and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Our NVRs have features like face capture data, license place data, IVs, and tripwire as well as motion detection recording and smart search, and much more!

Take a look at these awesome NVRs!

All our systems come with a warranty, and free remote viewing applications to keep track anywhere in the world. So don’t hesitate, to become a reseller today and stock the best NVRs and DVRs available- from TechVison USA!

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