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Online Security Equipment Dealer

Techvision USA is the primer Online Security Equipment Dealer for Wholesale products in operation in the USA today. We offer wholesale prices that no other Online Security Equipment Dealer can match- and quality equipment that will provide the safety, security, and peace of mind your customers come to expect. when you partner with us you know you’re getting the best deal available, and equipment you can count on to not result in multiple service calls and replacements. We’re proud of the security equipment we carry Read on to learn a little bit about some of the exciting products we have available as an Online Security Equipment Dealer:

  1. CCTV Cameras- When you think security, one of the first things that come to most minds is of course CCTV Cameras. CCTV stands for closed-circuit television- and is an integral part of any security system. CCTV systems are composed of two major components not counting wiring and cabling- and one of those is CCTV cameras otherwise known as security cameras. We carry cameras ranging from resolutions as low as 2 Megapixels (also known as 1080p), all the way up to ultra-sharp 8 megapixels (also known as 4k)! We carry cameras that are PTZ- which means they are able to Pan/Tilt/Zoom to change field of view and magnification. We Carry these in both IP (aka network) cameras and HD over COAX (aka analog) varieties:

    IP Cameras
    COAX Cameras

  2. CCTV Recorders- Cameras are an important part of CCTV, but the other side of that coin are the recorders. Depending on what kind of cameras you need, we have recorders to suit all situations. DVRs- or digital video recorders, can now handle resolutions up to 4k- so using COAX cameras to save a bit of money on locations with existing wiring is a great option! You can also add usually some amount of IP camera to our DVRs- however, this varies based on the unit. NVRs are built to handle IP cameras exclusively and are the best bet for all IP systems with their better processing power and more advanced AI features such as facial recognition database, and intelligent IVS.


  3. Access Control- Access control is a series of control panels, high powered magnetic door locks, electrically operated door strikes, card readers, and pc software working together to give the user the ability to define specific parameters on who can or can’t enter any given entry/exit point at any given time. There are many options to choose from, and different variations of how these technologies can function. You can use keycards, keyfobs, access codes, fingerprints, or even any combination of these.

    Access Control Equipment

Any of these options are great when looking into purchasing Wholesale Security Technology 
For more info on these or any other products check out the links below- or call us to talk to a sales Pro at- 561-288-1541

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