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Overstock Items at Techvision!

Overstock Items at Techvision!

Techvision USA is the online source for bulk purchase CCTV and access control hardware, Dealers have you checked out our Overstock items?

That’s right! You already knew we were your go-to-guys for the best deals on bulk purchasing for CCTV and access control but did you know we now have a section dedicated to overstock items? You heard it here first! We have an amazing selection of items that are now up to 30 percent off of their retail rates! This ranges from basic mounting hardware to some of the most advanced cameras we carry! Take a look!

If you’ve got COAX customers looking to get into 4k then check out these overstock items built for 8mp and ready for 4k power! For example, we have the HVE8L2W2 and its counterpart the HVE8L2WZ. These are both incredibly sharp 4k, or 8mp capable COAX Vandal Domes. The first, the HVE8L2W2, is a 2.8MM 4k, 4-in-1 video final capable COAX camera with a fixed lens. Its counterpart, the HVE8L2WZ, is another 8mp Vandal but this time with motorized varifocal zoom capability via its 2.7-12mm lens.

That’s not the only deals we have going, 4k IP customers matter too! What better way to get started with 4k IP than with this amazing 4k Capable 16 channel NVR, now marked down for overstock as well! This recorder features 4x HDD bays for all the space you could possibly need. And to power and connect your cameras, you’ll want a top-of-a-line POE switch. For example, with just 2x P-8EPNEF1G-H you’ll get all sixteen channels maxed out, and be able to extend your range with its built-in PoE ports. It also supports HiPOE for those devices which require a bit more power (liek some PTZs)!

Another very popular item, our E series Active Deterrence bullet camera is also now on sale. The PBE5P3W2-S/A/AI/AD camera is 5MP, for a super sharp clear image and features a powerful IR capable of 197 feet. But this camera’s most amazing ability is the active deterrence feature itself. With the AD feature, you can use a prerecorded voice file, or upload your own WAV/MP3 with whatever recording you desire. when someone crosses a tripwire or intrusion rule you’ve set up, the cameras will flash its 2x white LEDs and play the file, acting as a warning, greeter, or deterrent to whoever crossed the IVS rule!

Another amazing camera in our overstock list right now is our thermal bullets, one featuring a 35mm Fixed lens, PTEXPNW35-P/I/A/AI, and another featuring a 7.5 mm fixed lens –PTEXPNW7-P/I/A/AI. Designed to work in many environments and spot movement from heat signatures in extremely low light, or low visibility environments, these units are perfect for forested areas or permiter protection. The camera is also designed to detect rapid rises in temperature over a short time to deal with possible fire safety compromises.

There’s so much more than what’s mentioned here, so don’t delay check out our OVERSTOCK SELECTION now!!!

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