President's Day Sale
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President’s Day Sale at TechVision USA!

President’s Day Sale at TechVision USA!

Techvision USA is the nation’s number one Online dealer of CCTV Equipment wholesale, and today through February 16th 2021 until midnight, we’re offering our amazing President’s Day Sale. This incredible deal won’t last long, Feb 16’th is next Tuesday so order soon to get that deal! We’re offering a huge chunk- a whole ten percent (10%) off of any order placed since the start of the sale up to the 16th at midnight! Keep in mind we won’t be able to issue credits for this discount on orders place before, or after the cutoff time for the sale. We cannot make exceptions of this, and distributor accounts also don’t qualify for the discount. So what kind of amazing, high tech security products are you able to snag up during this president’s day sale? Let’s take a look!

Closed Circuit TeleVison (CCTV) Equipment:

Our primary specialty is, and always has been CCTV Equipment. We carry the E-Series brand of recorders and camera’s that our customers have always found to be the most effective, and user friendly. Loaded with Features, E series recorders and cameras come in many varieties, with different purposes and fidelity levels. No matter what kind of situation you need CCTV equipment for, we’re sure you’ll find something we have is perfect for your setup.

The CCTV market is very saturated, this can often make it difficult for wholesale purchasers to be sure what they’re really getting for their money. This is why we stick to certain manufacturers and brands, to keep compatibility high, troubleshooting down, and know we are getting the best possible products into the hands of our customers. For our President’s day sale, you should take a look at our many different CCTCV options.

We carry traditional COAX systems. These are composed of COAX Cameras and Digital Video Recorders also more commonly known as DVRs.

We also carry IP Camera systems, which use IP cameras and Network Video Recorders!


Access Control Equipment and Locks

If you or your clients are looking to dramatically up the security level at their business, look no further than our amazing array of access control products! These systems allow the user to program doors and their locks to react to pinpads, thumbprints, keyfobs or keycards, and more. There’s no better peace of mind than knowing you have total control over who gets in, and when! With our President’s day sale, there’s no better time to jump on these amazing security devices! Check out the link below!


One of the major benefits of purchasing Security Equipment Wholesale, instead of via a retail storefront, is the pricing model.  Generally, wholesale consumers will purchase larger amounts of any given time or items all at once. This purchase is made for a lower-cost item-unit than if the buyer were to purchase the same products at their individual pricing.  With Techvision USA this dynamic goes a step further, as we offer our partners special seasonal deals, discounts, and other perks that will make purchasing your security product through TechVision USA, a clear-cut choice!

For more info on a product, pricing, or how to become a partner- contact TechVision USA today at 561-288-1541

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