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Reset your Password on a Recorder or IPC

Reset your Password on a Recorder or IPC

Hey Everyone,  today we’re covering the process of how to Reset your Password on a recorder or IP Camera. This process is designed to allow an owner, or authorized personnel who have administrator-level access to the system to reset the password on a recorder or IP camera if needed. There are a few things you’ll need to know, and some tools you might need before you can Reset your Password so let’s go over that before we begin.

  • This guide is only for our  E series recorders and IP cameras. This guide does not apply to other series, or third party devices, always reach out to your manufacturer for issues with third-party equipment.
  • This guide may not work for E series recorders purchased before 2017. It may for some, but many recorders from before that time have different firmware and software which require a special reset procedure. If you are unable to follow this guide due to a lack of the explained options- please call tech support at 561-288-5258. Have An email address, account # or order # associated with the purchase ready for verification.
  • You’ll need to have a smartphone, either iOS or Android, and download the application Elite Viewer Pro. (Show ANDROID and IOS logos and maybe some images of phones)
  • If working with a recorder You’re going to need to have a local monitor and mouse attached. Some recorders can perform the password reset from their Web interface using a Windows PC running Internet Explorer- However, some can not and this varies often enough that it’s best to simply perform this reset locally. (Show the shot of mouse and monitor)
  • In either case, you’ll also need access to the email account that was originally put into the recorder or camera on day one setup. It doesn’t matter where you view this email, as long as you can see it.

Now that we know what we’ll need to Reset your Password- let’s get started

  1. Open up your camera or recorder’s login dialogue box by navigating to its web interface in internet explorer, or right clicking the screen and clicking ‘main menu’ if you’re on a recorder’s local interface. If your recorder’s local interface is prompting you to use a pattern, click the forgot pattern option underneath to switch to password entry- this won’t be the case at all for . Once up, click ‘forgot password’. This will take us to another screen in which you’ll see a QR code.
  2. Leave this screen up and do not close it at all.
  3. At this time, take out your smartphone and open up Elite Viewer Pro
  4. Navigate to the “ME” option at the bottom right.
  5. From here, go to password security- and then choose reset the password.
  6. If it hasn’t already- the app will ask for permission to use your phone’s camera, make sure to tell it yes- or ok, and then wait for the camera to pop up.
  7. Line up the scanner with the QR code and scan.
  8. You should get a message saying “reset code successful”.
  9. At this time, go ahead and check your email for a message from the reset process. Make sure to check spam or other filter folders if it doesn’t appear in your primary inbox.
  10. Inside this email will be a dynamic code, that you now must enter into the field on your recorder’s dialogue box.
  11. Once you enter the code, the recorder or camera will then give you the option to choose a new password. Recorders and Cameras of various ages will have differing minimum password strength requirements. We suggest using the advice above regarding having a password that is patternless and uses a variety of character types.
  12. Once done, test your new password to make sure it’s working and that’s all there is to it.

For an IP camera, the process is exactly the same, with the only difference being it is occurring on your Pc, from the cameras web interface.

Thanks for joining us today as we showed you how to Reset your Password on a Recorder or IP camera. Until Next time, Stay Safe!

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