lost video; how to troubleshoot video loss on recorder
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Troubleshooting Lost Video on your Recorder

Troubleshooting Lost Video on your Recorder

Techvision USA wants to share with you our guide on Troubleshooting Lost Video on your Recorder. For clarity, when we say Lost Video, what we mean is the inability to see any video data displayed on the local monitor attached to your recorder. This is a bit different than losing the image of a single, or even several cameras, and is also different than losing the ability to view your CCTV system remotely. If you can still see your grid, menus, cursors, and options you do not have “video loss”, however, if this is your issue, read on and check out the Video Guide as well.

How To Troubleshoot Video Loss on Recorder Steps:

  • Is the recorder on/powered?
    Even if you don’t remember purposefully turning ti off, maybe something happened to cause your recorder to shut down. Check to ensure the power cord is completely plugged in, and if using a UPS, ensure this is still functioning. Ensure the switch is in the ON position.
  • Is the Display on/powered? –
    Ensure the Monitor is powered on and plugged in. Just like you recorder some kind of accident could have occurred causing it to lose power.
  • Check if the monitor is plugged in, and set to the right input-
    Most displays have more than one input, and therefore more than one input port. Ensure the displays settings show that it is using the port your recorder’s video cable i splurge into. speaking of video cables, make sure your HDMI cable or VGA cable is securely plugged in at both the recorder and the display.
  • Restart Recorder –
    Did you try turning it off and on again? Sometimes a good ole restart fixes weird hiccups.
  • Test monitor and cable for functionality on a computer-
    The recorder or the monitor might be having an actual problem and it’s time to test the monitor itself out to eliminate this possibility. Move both the monitor and its cable to a PC or HDMI output device like another recorder that you know is working. If the monitor functions, we know the cable and monitor are fine. If it doesn’t, try another cable first to see if this is the culprit. If a new cable still doesn’t resolve then you likely have a bad monitor.
  • Check Resolution Settings on Web interface –Lastly, your recorder might be set to an output resolution out of range of the capabilities of the display. If you can access your recorder from its web interface, check to make sure your resolution isn’t too high for the monitor you’re using. Your recorder may be able to output 4k, that does mean your monitor can show it.
  • If all else fails, call technical support for further assistance!

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