IP Camera Features; What is a Reseller?
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What is a Reseller?

What is a Reseller?

What is a Reseller? Being a Reseller with TechVision USA means you get access to the best pricing on wholesale CCTV and Access Control!


If you are the owner, operator or manager of a business that offers retail security or networking products to customers or works as an installations contractor for low voltage installations such as security, AC, network, or electrical equipment, then you can benefit from the best CCTV hardware at wholesale prices by partnering with TechVision USA. As a reseller with us, you can have access to our quality products. TechVision USA is the right choice for you.

TechVision USA, ensures that we are always ahead of the competition by offering high-quality CCTV options that are superior to the cheap and ineffective solutions commonly available to consumers. Unlike these options, our hardware is always cutting-edge and future-proof. Whether your customers are interested in HD over COAX cameras and recorders, IP and network-based CCTV solutions, or access control, we have the latest and greatest technology available to ensure their satisfaction. We offer top-of-the-line COAX equipment for installers, which includes COAX cameras and DVRs that have advanced features such as remote viewing, AI capabilities, intrusion box features, and motion detection that can eliminate non-person or non-vehicle targets. Our COAX systems can even push 4k or 8 megapixels, which is a significant advantage for customers with existing COAX cable runs as they don’t have to invest in new wiring. This not only saves time for installers but also helps customers save money, making our options more appealing to them.

Some of our resellers who distribute our products are not specialized in installing CCTV systems. Other resellers are mainly involved in selling general security hardware or computer networking products direct to consumers. Often where you find a computer network in a business its also quite common that in c the installation of IP-based CCTV systems is also present. Therefore, it is advantageous to have a variety of IP cameras and NVRs readily available if you deal in networking products. Additionally, we offer PoE switches and Ethernet cables in bulk for this purpose.

It is crucial for businesses to have access control measures in place, and we offer Elite brand access control hardware that is specifically designed to function seamlessly with our recorders within the same software suite. This ensures a straightforward and efficient management process with a plethora of features.

If you’re interested in improving your products, profits, and customer satisfaction, consider applying to become a reseller. TechVision USA offers a reseller program that you can easily apply to by clicking on the link provided. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity.

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