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What is Resolution in relation to my recorder?

What is Resolution, and why does it matter?

Hi everyone, thanks for joining us again as today we are very happy to answer one of the most widely asked questions we get regularly- and that is “what is Resolution”? There are many resolutions out there available in our technologies today. First, it helps to understand what resolution even is. Resolution is a measurement of the quality of an image, video, or display screen. This measurement is expressed in several different ways. The common ways you’ll see in this worded are Megapixels (MP), Pixel by Pixel (# x #), or Television Display standard (#p).

What is Resolution, and why does it matter II – Counting pixels.
A Pixel is the smallest possible portion of any given image or display that can be ‘singled out’ as a unit of measurement. Think of a pixel-like a ‘dot’ and all the dots working together make up the full image. The more dots in a tighter area, the better quality the image is as the dots themselves are smaller and less visible. Often you’ll hear a camera’s resolution is “X megapixels”. Take for example 2 megapixels. This simply means there’s a total of two million pixels in the image.

What is Resolution, and why does it matter III – Quality Vs HDD
Now it’s clear that resolution is the quality of the image composed of more or fewer pixels, but how does this affect your recorder? Well, simply put more pixels = more data, and more data = more hard drive space is taken up. The more cameras you have, and the higher their resolution, the more Hard drive space you will need to compensate and maintain longer timelines of footage. Here is a list of some of the common resolutions found in our security cameras in order of their Quality and HDD consumption, from lowest to highest:

1 Megapixel – or 720p – Very low consumption
2 Megapixel – or 1080p – Moderate / Average Consumption
4 Megapixel – or 1440p – Slightly heavier consumption
8 Megapixel- or 2160p – also known as UHD or 4k – very large consumption

There are other factors that determine how much space you will use or save besides the resolution itself. Our next article coming later this week “How do I save hard drive space” will touch on these concepts which include- Resolution, bitrate, motion detection, IVS, and Video Compression. We hope you learned a lot today about what resolution is and look forward to providing you more quality articles in the future. For more info on our products and services, please call: 561-288-1541. Techvision USA- your source for wholesale cameras!

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