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Wholesale 4 Megapixel IP Cameras

Wholesale 4 Megapixel IP cameras

TechVision USA is your online source for bulk security hardware like our wholesale 4 Megapixel IP Cameras!

What makes our wholesale 4 megapixel IP cameras worth stocking up on, and what features do they have? First, let’s talk about the resolution which is 4 megapixels. A Megapixel is a unit of measure equal to how many millions of pixels are present in any given image, or, a still single frame of video. The more the better, as a higher number will always indicate better visual quality. The more pixels that make up the image, the better and more refined the image looks.

Most consumers today utilize 2-megapixel cameras for the vast majority of their applications. 2 Megapixels is also known as 1080p, and is currently also known as “Full HD”. 1080p superseded 720p also known as “regular HD” or just “HD”. 720p was 1 megapixel, the first full megapixel resolution standard commonly accepted on CCTV cameras.

We’ve come a long way since then, in fact, beyond 1080p there are even more resolution options including 4, 5, and even 8 Megapixels! Today we want to talk about our wholesale 4 Megapixel IP cameras. These cameras are smack in the middle of our resolution lineup and that puts them at an interesting vantage point compar3e to other options.

Many consumers today are wondering about “4k”. For clarity, 4k is actually 8 megapixels and while it is astounding and good to look at may not actually be the best choice for all consumers. You see, the higher you go up in image quality a few things happen, or have to happen, in order to be able to really use your high resolution. The first thing is the amount of hard disk space needed to record goes up a lot. Between 4mp and 8mp, it will double in fact! at 8mp, you’re looking at four times 2mp and two times 4mp. Very quickly this can add up in expenses for the newer disks.

Secondly, in order to even see 4k properly, you’re going to need a 4k display. Now with 4MP, yes you’re looking at a big quality jump from a typical 2mp, but not even close to the amount of hard disk space needed for 4k. On top of that, many PC monitors today are now 4mp, using a resolution called 1440p. These displays are readily available and often a lot less expensive than your typical k display. With that said, even a good 1080p monitor will still net an extremely high-quality image from a 4mp camera, one that when blown up to full-frame can reveal a lot finer details than a 1080p camera would. while 4k can also do this, it can actually have too much information for a 1080p display and cause pixel compression artefacting.

All of our wholesale 4MP IP Cameras come equipped with the features you’ve come to expect including tripwire, intrusion, night vision usually accompanied by Starlight CMOS sensor as well as options for PTZ and Motorized zoom variants as well!

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