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TechVision USA provides bulk discounts to CCTV resellers, if you’re a member check out our wholesale AI Cameras today!

If you haven’t been to our site before, welcome to TechVision USA. We are proud to be the nations number one source for CCTV, and access control technologies as well as other security accessories and hardware at the best wholesale rates available online! If you are a reseller, stocker, installer, or owner of an electronics/security products retail store then you should definitely fill out a reseller application to become a member today! There is no charge to apply, and if approved there is no fee! That’s right, being a reseller with TechVision USA doesn’t cost you a thing, and you’ll get access to the best pricing online for any security equipment you need. That includes our lineup of amazing wholesale ai cameras, recorders, access control, and accessories like cable and tools!

CCTV is, and will remain an incredibly important industry in the security field. Every organization which currently uses security cameras, and many that do not have them yet but need them, will continue to expand their need case for them going into the future. The features that become available and the ease of access they provide to their end users are becoming more integral than ever before. With that in mind, having access to pricing on wholesale AI cameras could potentially make or break your existing customer base. Why? Well, AI features are the newest and most sought after technologies available in CCTV today. They provide advanced analytics and false alert reduction features which make these types of cameras extremely valuable commodities, alongside the recorders which can work with their AI  features. As with any cutting edge technolkogy, the cost for these type sof cameras is higher than standard cameras which lack AI capabilities or features.

This boils down to having access to the best possible cost pricing on wholesale AI cameras for you- the installer/reseller. If you are able to achieve lower stock pricing, that means you can sell our products to your customers at prices which are competitive and encourage them to shop exclusively with you.  So what types of features and functions can we expect with our AI Cameras? Lets take a look at what features these powerful tools offer your potential CCTV custoemrs looking for the best possible protection and recording!

  • Up to 4k (8 MP) recording starting at 5MP.
  • Facial Capture
  • Facial Recognition when used with a Facial Capture Database, as found on many recorders and some cameras.
  • Facial Recognition Smart Search
  • IVS Tripwire and Intrusion powered by AI
  • AI exclusion of non person/vehicle targets within IVS rules
  • AI Motion detection with SMD+ Elimination non person/vehicle targets
  • Smart Search for AI based motion detection
  • People Counting
  • ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition Database on LPR License Plate Recognition capable cameras and recorders

For more information on what to expect from any of these technologies contact a sales pro today, and don’t forget to sign up to BECOME A RESELLER TODAY!

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