IP Camera Features; What is a Reseller?
Wholesale Security Cameras

Wholesale Cameras for CCTV

Wholesale Cameras for CCTV

Techvision USA is your source for wholesale cameras for CCTV, Recorders as well as access control and security equipment- online!

We are the nation’s number one dealer of security camera and access control products for use in both commercial and residential enterprises. With our pricing models, you will be able to purchase wholesale IP cameras at a price far better than if you were to procure this item through a normal retailer. So what is an IP camera and why should you consider a wholesale purchase? Well, let’s talk a little bit about these cameras, and their counterparts so you can have the best idea of what it is that will work with you or your customers’ hardware needs!

CCTV is short for closed-circuit television and is a holdover term from an era in which entirely analog TV signals were used to transmit video data. The closed-circuit part of CCTV  simply means that the video data is privately closed within the loop of the CCTV system, and is not a publicly accessible broadcast. Nowadays, cameras use digital signals in almost every application to transmit their video data back to their respective recorders. Most existing camera installations today use COAX cameras which transmit digital video data over an analog cable to a DVR- or digital video recorder.

However, COAX cameras have some limitations and so do their DVR recorders- that’s where wholesale IP cameras come in. IP cameras use Ethernet cable to transmit video and audio data- and often even power to the camera. They do this using an existing computer network such as routers and switches, or directly to the onboard ethernet ports on  a recorder. The kinds of recorders primarily used with IP cameras are called NVRs- or network video recorders.  NVRs don’t handle any of the data processing for the incoming video as DVRs do, this is because IP cameras do the legwork for them, freeing up NVRs to do more, and making to each video stream is separately encoded, and separately worked encoding process. This means NVRs can handle higher resolution standards far more easily, as well as allow for more advanced features such as AI!

Techvision USA carries wholesale COAX and IP cameras, as well as DVRs and NVRs for use in many possible security applications. For more information on any of these technologies or how you can become a wholesale customer, give us a call today!

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