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Wholesale CCTV Camera Options

Wholesale CCTV Camera Options

Our TechVision USA stock includes a large selection of different Wholesale CCTV Camera Options. Read on to see what’s available!

Bullet Cameras:
A bullet-style camera has a rectangular casing that has a shield extending over the top of the camera to protect the lens from harsh sunlight and weather. This is often done outdoors, for another reason.

Bullet cameras are so well-known for their low-distraction, ultra-visible design that they are near and away from the least discreet and most conspicuous. When viewed from a certain angle, CCTV is not a ‘trap’ for criminals. Criminals who attempt to commit a crime should be considered an act of bad luck, never accomplished. When a CCTV camera is intentionally visible, it serves as a deterrent. Criminals are deterred from following through with a crime by its obvious presence. However, their knuckle-style mounts and extreme visibility also make them the most vulnerable to vandalism. Although bullet cameras are usually deliberately damaged or removed, they are purposely constructed or positioned in a way that permits for alterations.

Bullet-style cameras are more conspicuous than dome cameras because of their round shape. This shape makes them harder to identify than bullets. The lens of a dome camera is also more susceptible to injury because of its round shape. These cameras, however, come with an enhanced, tinted dome shield which prevents passersby from knowing precisely where the camera’s lens is pointed. Proper installation procedures are required for these cameras. This kind of camera should be installed outdoors in order to be effective. Moisture could enter the dome if it is not sealed or the dome is placed in the wrong lighting environment. Additionally, the camera’s position in relation to the scene’s lighting must be considered, as it may produce glaring or reflecting spots.

Turret Domes:
These turrets feature a ball-and-socket style of mounting, in between the bullet and the dome. While bullets are mechanically adjustable like domes, these units are rounded and more discreet than them – closer to vandal domes. They also have exterior shielding, making them a bit more vulnerable to vandalism or damage. While bullets are less accessible or less accessible because of their spherical shape, the round shape of these turrets makes them less likely to be damaged or vandalized than a bullet camera.

Vandal Domes:
Bullet-style cameras are less discreet than dome cameras, particularly  Vandal Domes, because they are round and tinted dome shields prevent passersby from knowing exactly where the lens is pointed. These cameras also have more durable dome shields that protect the lens itself from harm. These cameras are particularly difficult to install, especially when installed outdoors. They must be sealed or moisture might enter the camera and cause blurry pictures or damage. Furthermore, positioning in relation to the lighting of the scene must be considered as the shield may cause glare or reflections.

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