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Wholesale CCTV Hardware

TechVision USA is the #1 Wholesale CCTV Hardware dealer in the country, available over the phone or online! We pride ourselves on the variety and quality of CCTV products we carry, and the great rates and absolutely unmatched pricing we’re able to offer our customers. We carry a wide range of CCTV wholesale equipment. This includes CCTV recorders such as NVRs and Hybrid DVRs. We also carry many different kinds of CTV cameras. This includes IP cameras, Coax cameras, PTZ cameras, and even some great new technologies like thermal and active deterrence. when you’re looking to get the best rates on CCTV equipment, so you can pass that amazing pricing on to your consumers, look no further than TechVision USA! Read on to learn more about many of the products we carry!

CCTV Wholesale Recorders:
We carry technologies that are at the forefront of CCTV recording. All of our DVRs- or digital video recorders- are hybrid tech. this means they can handle the incoming video signal from CVI, TVI, AHD, and CVBS signals. Additionally, many of them are capable of adding IP cameras as well, providing you with additional options.

We also carry the most cutting-edge NVRs- or Network video Recorders- the industry has to offer. These machines come equipped with the ability to work with IP cameras that have some of the most advanced features in the industry. This includes AI features like facial recognition and advanced motion detection. all of our newest recorders feature H265 compression encoding for the highest quality video, at the lowest file size cost!

CCTV Wholesale Cameras:
TechVision USA stocks cameras in a variety of resolutions, with just as many combinations of features across both the COAX and IP markets. For example, we now carry COAX cameras that feature resolutions as high as 4k, or 8 Megapixels. For the most part, this is unheard of in the COAX camera industry!

Our IP cameras have so many features it’s hard to count. We have active deterrence cameras that are capable of flashing a white Light and emitting a user recorded message, acting as an alarm system or greeter for entry and exit points. We also have IP PTZ cameras capable of auto-tracking targets as they cross Intelligent video surveillance digital tripwire and intrusion rules. We even have thermal cameras capable of seeing thermal imaging to provide key information like never before!

For more information on how you can become a partner and take advantage of our CCTV Wholesale Deals, Give TechVision USA a call today! 561.288-1541

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