Wholesale CCTV Reseller

Wholesale CCTV Reseller

Wholesale CCTV Reseller

You can become a Wholesale CCTV Reseller with Techvision USA, sign up today and get access to wholesale pricing! Read below to learn about some of the amazing products we offer you can get dealer pricing on!

IP cameras are the wave of the future, full of rich features and th highest quality imaging available in CCTV equipment today. One of the most fundamentally important and best features of IP cameras is their ability to use power over ethernet, also known as POE for short! This amazing tech allows you to transmit data, and power, over a single cat5e or cat6 ethernet or networking cable. TechVision USA carries a wide selection of Wholesale POE security cameras, as well as POE equipment to work with those cameras!

COAX cameras used to be the primary type of camera out in the wild. In fact, many places still have them installed. That’s why we of course still sell and support wholesale COAX CCTV equipment as well. However, most newer DVRs will also support IP cameras. Using a POE injector or a POE switch, you can tie in an IP camera or two to an existing DVR system and spend a lot less on cabling and time.

This is due in no small part to the fact that COAX cams and their Digital Video Recorders (or DVRS) were by far the most installed type of systems over the last couple of decades. This has led to a sort of ’embedding’ of this technology into the physical infrastructure of many locations that rely on CCTV. This also means that the cabling for these kinds of cameras also already runs through, meaning changing to something like IP cameras could actually be drastically more expensive. Many customers appreciate that their COAX-based systems are still running well, and simply want to expand upon or upgrade them as time goes on. With that said, it’s good to know you’ll always have a reliable source of the most cutting-edged wholesale coax cameras from TechVision USA!

Access Control is also another important security technology we carry wholesale. Your clients will want to be able to securley control who can, and cant enter the premises of their locations using the hardware access control kits we supply at amazing dealer rates!

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