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Wholesale HD over COAX

Wholesale HD over COAX

TechVision USA is your source for Wholesale HD over COAX Cameras and Hybrid DVR recorders!

If you need access to the best rates on Wholesale HD  over COAX cameras and recorders, don’t hesitate to click that link at the bottom of the page, or right here for your convenience! Become A Reseller!

Theres a lot of good reasons to make sure you keep a good stock of COAX cameras and Recorders.  Digital Video Recorders (or DVRS) were by far the most installed type of CCTV hardware for many years. That means that the number of embedded prewired solutions on the market is exponential, and is growing every single day. The amount of money that your potential clients can save by upgrading to a new wholesale HD over COAX camera. Many customers have the need to utilize better solutions, remote viewing, advanced features, and even may want to be introduced to IP cameras down the line. a New 4k Capable Hybrid DVR opens options for all of this, without gutting their existing RG59 COax/BNC and power cable runs for their existing Analog installation.  We carry PTZ, fisheye, and IP cameras using Tripwire which can connect with these hybrid COAX and DVR solutions.

That said if your clients need IP  cameras TechVision is still the one to turn to. On top of offering the best Wholesale Hd over Coax Cameras available today, we of course carry cutting-edge NVRs and IP camera systems too. This includes  AI Features,  PTZ, Tripwire, advanced motion detection, people counting, thermal, License plate capture, and many more features extremely desired in the security field today. I t p[ays to have access to better pricing, better technologies, and ultimately more satisfied customers and return clients.

Lastly, Access Control tech which allows your clients to have direct control over who can enter or leave their building is provided by our amazing inventory here at Tch Vision USA! This includes panels, readers, board, buttons, locks, and free software to run all of it!

Thanks for joining us as we are very excited to share with you today our wholesale COAX cameras. We have cameras in any kind of shape or style you need, including bullets, turret domes, and vandal domes. We have PTZs cameras, coax, and IP cameras too! Techvision USA has everything you need to supply your customers with the most advanced surveillance hardware available and give them the peace of mind they’re trying to achieve. For more info on availability, compatibility, or any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to give our sales pros a call!


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