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Wholesale Recorders and Cameras

Wholesale Recorders and Cameras

TechVision USA is America’s #1 source for bulk  CCTV equipment, such as wholesale recorders and cameras, include NVRs and IP cameras.

If you are choosing  an IP Camera and/or an NVR (network video recorder) to go with those cameras, the first thing to consider is what type of security you want. If you are primarily interested in home security for your primary residence, an IP camera should work fine. If you have other dwellings that you want to be able to monitor as well, consider installing a NVR. These devices are less prone to signal issues and can also store more video than an IP camera, making it easier to store and view.

A Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a device that allows you to record and share video with a remote IP camera, or local IP camera, via a computer, network type of connection. It typically has a built-in computer and storage device that records video and audio, as well as other information, to a hard drive or other storage device. A video feed from a NVR is called an IP video stream and it is captured by an IP camera. An IP camera can connect to your home network through an IP network connection (usually a wired or wireless ethernet connection), or it can communicate with your NVR over the Internet.

An IP Camera is a CCTV camera which uses a computer network to communicate its data. What makes an IP camera different from a regular video camera is that it is connected to a network, or directly to the network ports of an NVR. All our NVRs and recorders allow you see what’s going on in your home from any place with Internet access. You can see live video from multiple cameras in the same home, or you can view recorded video from other locations. Some IP cameras come with built-in SD card readers  for backup storage if you want to use them solo, or in the event of a disconnect from their main NVR

With our wholesale recorders and cameras, you’ll get the best deals anywhere on reselling this amazing CCTGV Technology. Don’t hesitate to talk to one of our sales pros and learn more about becoming a wholesale buyer and reseller with TechVision USA. We offer our reseller program at no charger, simply apply and if you are an installer, or CCTV hardware dealer we will work to get you approved for our dealer program! Once in, you’ll get access to our entire wholesale inventory pricing.

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