Wholesale Security Cameras

Wholesale Security Equipment with TVUSA

Wholesale Security Equipment with TVUSA

The only way to ensure you’re getting the best equipment at the best rates is to buy wholesale security equipment with TechVision USA. We’re the nation’s #1 online source for Wholesale Security Equipment.

This is because only TechVision USA carries the amazing E Series Line of Cameras and Recorders. CCTV is such an integral part of any functioning security system. When you are selling your CCTV equipment to your clients, we know you always want to be able to offer a package that provides the user with technology truly capable of helping them reach their security goals. Ideally, his will be done in a way that provides you with the highest profits possible, while still being able to offer competitive pricing to your own clients. The only way to really make sure you can accomplish this balance of purchase price to sale price is by purchasing wholesale security equipment.

We have both IP and COAX-based CCTV System components ready to go!  Our Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) capable of working with resolutions up to 4k, that’s eight megapixels. Every DVR we carry is a hybrid system capable of working with all the known video signal types as well as accepting IP cameras.  Our COAX cameras also match this, working with resolutions ranging from 1080p all the way up to 4k. There are even advanced features such as remote viewing and Intelligent Tripwire and intrusion box. Want PTZ capability? This is standard on all our DVR and NVRs, so long as you have the proper PTZ camera.

As with DVR and COAX cameras, are IP Cameras and NVRs are second to none. Our NVRs can handle anywhere from 4, all the way up to a whopping sixty-four IP cameras. These systems max out at 4k as well, with some NVrs even capable of handling 12-megapixel cameras, pushing even higher than 4k! With the newest AI features such as license plate logging and database, facial recognition and database comparison, as well as SMD and Intelligent IVS, CCTV has never been a more powerful tool than it has been now!

The advances in POE technology made in  he IP camera field have made it so higher thresholds of power or distance can be reached by utilizing the amazing ePOE and hiPOE.

When security is being considered, no location is fully protected without Access Control. Access Control tech provides your clients with the ability to control dynamically who enters and leaves, when, and where! Maglocks, strikes, control panels- and don’t forget all the tools and wiring you could ever need can all be found right here at Techvision Usa wholesale!

Thanks for joining us today as we talked about the Wholesale Security Tech we have available. Any questions on compatibility, availability, or pricing- give our sales pros a call at 5561.288-1541.  If you enjoyed the video or found it helpful don’t forget to toss us a like and hit subscribe. Until next time, stay safe!

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