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Wholesale Security Tech with TVUSA

Wholesale Security Tech with TVUSA

Television USA is your online source for providing the best deals available on wholesale security tech! Nobody provides the deals we do, making sure you can get the best price for the wholesale security tech you need, for the applications you and your clients care about. We work with security technologies that cover all the security gaps and help provide solutions for any situation. Whether you need a brand new CCTV system or just a few cameras, or if you need a full-on access control setup for a massive location. TechVision USA has youc ovreddc. Read on to learn more about what we have to offer and what we can do to provide you the best tech in the business!

If you’re looking for COAX-based CCTV systems look no further. We have high-tech Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) capable of working with resolutions up to 4k, that’s eight megapixels. We carry cameras that meet this specification as well, making it so your COAX clients don’t have to spend an existing cable run to meet newer higher quality video standards and stay ahead of the game! Our DVRs are even capable of accepting IP cameras for true access to all the best features out there.

Of course, IP camera sales wouldn’t be the same without offering th best in Network Video REcorders. Our Recorders can handle anywhere from 4, all the way up to sixty-four IP cameras. These systems max out at 4k as well, with some NVrs even capable of handling 12-megapixel cameras, pushing even higher than 4k! With the newest AI features such as licence plate logging and database, facial recognition nd database comparison, as well as SMD and Intelligent IVS, CCTV has never been a more powerful tool than it has been now!

With POE and ePOE, you’re able to run a single ethernet cable to each IP camera, making new installations super simple, even at crazy long distances with ePOE.

Oru Access Control tech provides your clients with the ability to control dynam ically who enters and leaves, when, and where! Maglocks, strikes, control panels- and don’t forget all the tools and wiring you could ever need can all be found right here at Techvision Usa wholesale!

Thanks for joining us today as we talked about the Wholesale Security Tech we have available. Any questions on compatibility, availability, or pricing- give our sales pros a call at 5561.288-1541.  If you enjoyed the video or found it helpful don’t forget to toss us a like and hit subscribe. Until next time, stay safe!

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