NVRs at Wholesale Prices
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NVRs at Wholesale Prices

NVRs at Wholesale Prices

Techvision USA has the BEST NVRs at Wholesale Prices, all available online- become a dealer today!

Which NVR will be the Best NVR for you or yoru customers depends entirley on their applications, however, rest assured no matter what the goal we’ve got you covered! Read on to learn about what the best NVR might be for you!

The first type of NVR category is the NVR that has onboard POE- or power over ethernet ports built right in. These units work great for single-family homes or apartments, or small storefronts. What makes these units convenient is they have up to sixteen built-in Power Over Ethernet ports privatized and dedicated to the recorder. The vast majority of IP cameras are utilized via Power Over Ethernet- which means they get their power from and transmit their data all to and from a single cat5e or cat6 ethernet cable. With these onboard ports, a Camera can have an ethernet cable ran directly to the recorder itself, often making planning for smaller spaces more convenient and straightforward. In most cases, the recorder will handle the initial setup of the cameras from the same series, assign them the correct IP addresses, and gain access to their settings. This makes setup relatively plug and play compared to more manual setups as with recorders that do not have internal ports, and requires less networking knowledge.

For installs with larger more complex networks, where access to direct IPC menus is needed, you’ll need a 2 NIC NVR. Rather than onboard POE ports, these recorders come with 2 available network ports. In single NIC mode, you only use NIc 1 and leave NIC 2 disconnected. You would connect the recorder to your main network, and you connect any POE switches with their IP cameras to the main network as well. You’ll have to manually search and add or input the camera data into the recorder’s registry, however, you’ll be able to access every single camera from the main network via a browser from any windows based PC.

In 2 NIC mode, you connect the recorder to your main network on NIC 1, and connect the cameras POE switches along with, or without a dedicated router, to NIC 2. In this setup the cameras are privatized again as in the Onboard POE setup, NICs 1 and 2 do not communicate with each other, however, using a PC connected to the NIC 2 network, you could access the recorder and all the cameras from this dedicated workstation, providing you both dynamic camera access and a privatized setup. For camera setups of a high number of cameras, this is recommended to keep your network traffic down.

  • All of our NVRs feature Remote Viewing capabilities as long as you have internet connections available on site, as well as basic motion detection, IVS, multiple user account settings, and much much more!

If you’re convinced NVR is the way to go, you’re going to want to pick from a list of the Best NVRS out there, click the link below to see what we have to offer, but make sure to talk to a Sales Pro to be 100% certain the product you’re looking at will accomplish your goals!

Thanks for joining us today as we talked about the BEST NVR for your needs. Any questions on compatibility, availability, or pricing- give our sales pros a call at 5561.288-1541.  If you enjoyed the video or found it helpful don’t forget to toss us a like and hit subscribe. Until next time, stay safe!

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