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Plate Capture Setup Guide

Plate Capture Setup Guide

Hello TechVision Customers and thank you for viewing our Plate Capture Setup Guide for our E Series Licence Plate Recognition Cameras.
This is specifically for the following two Cameras:

TechVision USA is your online Source for Wholesale CCTV technology. we pride ourselves on carrying some of the most cutting-edge CCTV equipment on the market today. You may have already seen our video on our Licence Plate Capture Cameras, but if not take a look. Once you see what these can do, we know you’ll be wanting to stock them in your inventory, check out the video below.

Its important to know how to set up the Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) Cameras after physical installation, and that’s why we created our Plate Capture Setup Guide. Below We’ll describe the process of setting up the LPR series cameras. We’ve also put together a short video to go along with the guide. The video will showcase a brief visual of a physical installation of the camera before going into setup. Check out the Guide below, and we encourage you to follow along with the video.

Plate Capture Setup Guide

  1. Installation of the Camera comes first. Many of our TechVision customers are themselves installers, others are resellers. Make sure the customers purchasing from you know these units require professional installation.
  2. These LPR cameras are part of our E Series. As Many already know, our E Series IP cameras usually need to be initialized before they can be used.
    If you need a refresher on how to do this, Check out this Video Guide on Initialization.
    Pro Tip: We also recommend Giving the Camera a Static IP if not being used on the Internal PoE of an NVR.
  3. After the camera has been initialized, access the device’s main menu from a browser using its IP Address.
  4. Once in, usually, you will be prompted by a firmware localization message, simply click OKAY to proceed.
  5. On first use, the camera will typically load into the setup wizard (also called the guide) right away. however, if you Exit this on accident, or end up on the live view simply click the GUIDE Button.
  6. Once in the guide, firstly set your scene by zooming and focusing until your desired shot is obtained.
  7. Next, you will need to draw the red scene lines. These help to define the shape of the road that will be focused on. Clear the screen if needed, then place a starting dot. Continue placing dots at 4 key interval points along the shape of the road, and it will form a red-lined box in that shape.
  8. After the Red box is formed, next click the Snap line draw button. Dra a green like cutting through the Red box at the point where you want a snapshot to be taken within the plate capture box.
  9. When that’s finished, Save the Setup. You are now ready to watch the camera Capture and read Plates!

As a TechVision Customer, you already know about our world-class technical support, so we’re here to help if you still need assistance with setup. Not a Reseller Yet? Applying is easy, JUST CLICK HERE!

Thanks for checking out our Plate Capture Setup Guide! Call Sales at 561 288 1541 for any further questions, and until next time- Stay Safe!

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