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We offer wholesale POE NVRs at Techvision Usa for Wholesale as an amazing semi plug-and-play solution for using IP camera systems with a network video recorder or NVR. These kinds of recorders are different than their NVR counterparts which do not feature onboard POE solutions. There are pros and cons to both, but if you need a simpler more straightforward option for a smaller installation, we recommend you check out our wholesale POE recorders. This article will go over some of the differences between these types of NVRs and the ones that don’t feature the onboard POE function. Read on to learn more, and don’t hesitate to call in with any questions!

Our wholesale POE Recorders come in various sizes based on the number of ports they have physically and totally channels they can handle. Sometimes these are the same sometimes not. For example, we carry 4 port – 4 channel units, 8 port – 8 channel units, 8 port – 16 channel united, 16 port -16 channel units, and 16 port – 32 channel units. The units that have more channels than ports are simply also able to accept cameras on their main network in addition to the ones on their ports.   Some of our wholesale POE recorders have a few POE+ ports for pushing a bit more power to the cameras that might call for it.

So why choose one of these types of systems? Well for smaller installations where all the cabling is going to a single, central point, this makes setup quite a bit easier. Generally, on these smaller installs, the users don’t need a large amount of dynamic control over each camera, and just need the system to function. Most cameras will initialize and power up, as well ass adds to the recorder automatically from within the same brand/manufacturer making the setup plug and play. However, we’d recommend going with either a 16/32 or an 8/156 if you need any of the cameras on the system to have individual access. Though not impossible via an onboard POE recorder,m accessing individual camera settings via the cameras themselves is a bit more tedious.

So as explained, better is a subjective term and both of these types of setups have their pros and cons. Onboard POE is better for smaller installations that need fewer complex features due to its convenience, and close to plug and play setup. External POE switch setups are better for larger systems or more advanced users that need dedicated access to their cameras.

No matter what your security needs are, TechVision USA has you covered. From wholesale POE recorders and cameras, to access control- we’ve got the right tools at the right prices. For all your wholesale security needs, always remember to turn to TechVison USA!

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