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Wholesale 8 Megapixel Cameras

Wholesale 8 Megapixel Cameras

8 Million Pixels!

Techvision USA is proud to offer our high-quality selection of Wholesale 8 Megapixel CCTV cameras for our dealers and partners. What makes these Wholesale 8 Megapixel cameras so exciting? Well, you might not know that 8 Megapixel and 4k resolution are essentially the same things. In Fact, 4k is simply the 16:9 aspect ratio standard for 8 megapixels. camera aspect ratios vary, so it’s more accurate to express the pixel count than give the shorthand of 4k. With the video we’ve included here, you’ll actually be able to see these cameras working at 4k resolution! You’ll need a 4k display and to change youtube’s settings on the little gear to ‘4k’. If not, read on to learn more about what these units can do, or check out the video in 1080p!

These Six Cameras come in 3 different shells and 2 different lens styles. There are bullet, dome, and vandal dome- and for the lenses fixed and motorized zoom. all these Wholesale 8 megapixel cams can do 4k/8MP at 15 FPS, and 4 Megapixels at 20-25 FPS. they can all use H265 compression for 65% increase in file-size reduction over h264 compression.

All six have an IP67 outdoor rating, as well as SMART IR for seeing in the dark at a brightness as low as zero lux, but have various IR distances:

  • All 3x Motorized cams are 50meteres
  • Fixed vandal- 30m
  • Fixed  Bullet 40m
  • Fixed Turret – 50m

All of these cameras have a 110-degree FOV, but there are a few differences between some of the shell styles of the cameras. The Turret style domes come equipped with a built-in microphone, which allows it to record audio right over the network directly to your recorder- however, none of the other units of either motorized or fixed possess this option. Additionally- both the Vandal Domes and The motorized Bullet, come equipped with external audio input and Alarm I/O This means they can send and receive trigger signals with a variety of devices. The fixed bullet, however, has no audio or alarm capabilities at all.

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