Body Temperature Camera

Body Temperature Camera

TechVision has always worked on the leading edge of surveillance and security technology. We work hard to address customers’ real needs and provide innovative products to help enhance their lives. We now offer a Human Body Fever Detecting system for those looking to increase the safety of their place of business. With our body temperature camera, you will have an accurate, contactless way to take hundreds of people’s temperature.  


Our System

We have created a system that allows you to take temperature from afar and quickly identify any guests with elevated fevers. TechVision provides you with two cameras. The first is the temperature detecting camera, which can scan 30 people per second. We include a black box to ensure that the Temp camera stays properly calibrated and is providing you with accurate readings. The second camera is a regular high powered surveillance camera. These cameras have high powered analytics which allows you to put a face to each temperature reading. You will also be provided with a powerful 16 channel recorder in order to view and store all of your footage. 


The Benefits

We live in a world where a fever is no longer just a fever and can be an indicator of something far more sinister. Wherever there are crowds, there is a chance that someone is putting their own wants and needs before others or is simply unaware they are ill. A body temperature can be useful in:

  • Schools
  • Healthcare facilities 
  • Sports Arenas
  • Concert Halls
  • Government Buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Airports
  • and much more


The benefits of a system like this are numerous.



Our fever detecting system saves you money in a few ways. The first is in labor costs, as it would be astronomically pricey to employ the number of people it would take to manually take the temperature of every person entering your building. You would also need to provide each temperature taker with the proper equipment including high-accuracy thermometers and protective gear like gloves and masks. If you are looking to monitor a large school or sports arena, this is a virtually impossible option. With TechVision, you only need a small number of personnel on hand to monitor the system and deal with those identified as having a fever.  



If you have ever tried to take the temperature of a squirming child, you know how long it can take for a traditional thermometer to get the reading. Manually taking each person’s temperature is simply not time effective, and would eat up hours of your day. Between getting each guest to the proper spot, sanitizing and covering the thermometer, and then waiting for it to take the reading, you’ll be spending a minute on each guest at least. Why waste the time when you can take 1800 temperature readings in just a minute? 



Many people can become defensive when confronted with the fact that they may be sick. Unfortunately, some people take this to extremes and can become hostile when they are approached. Our temperature system allows you to monitor fevers from afar and ask discreetly to speak with guests in a separate space away from other patrons. This allows you to have the personnel on hand to keep each other safe and avoid a ruckus in front of others. 


Call TechVision today at (866) 221-1423 to speak with a sales representative about our revolutionary new body temperature camera system!

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Body Temperature Camera

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