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ePoe Wholesale Technologies by TechVision

ePoe Wholesale Technologies by Techvision

TechVision USA carries wholesale CCTV and Access Control tech for your security needs,  many of which are now featuring the awesome power of ePOE! POE is short for power over ethernet, and Poe has been an amazing solution thus far in providing a convenient and easy solution for the installation of IP cameras and NVR systems for the purpose of CCTV surveillance. Ethernet is a network data transfer protocol that is currently utilized by way of cat5e or cat6 cables, often referred to as ‘ethernet cables’.  For a while, IP cameras had to be powered externally then transfer data over ethernet to their network. With POE, cameras can now get their data and power moving over just one single cable. This drastically cuts down the costs of installation by way of time, and cabling expense, as well as less modifications to the structure, to accommodate. However, even POE has its limits. The data side of the ethernet is capped at 100 meters or around 300 feet. This means other solutions needed to arise in order to make POE viable on larger scale installations.

That’s where the power of ePOE comes in. ePOE stands for Extended-Power over Ethernet, and is an amazing solution now on many of our wholesales IP cameras and POE switches sold right here through television. Poe does not double the length of POEs potential max distance, it multiples it by eight times! That’s right ePOE extends the maximum distance of Poe, bringing it up from a mere 100 meters all the way to a , max distance in optimal conditions of 800 meters.  This monumental difference allows for installation situations that were not possible the same way before.

It costs thousands of dollars to install an additional power node in an area that might need direct power for a standard POE switch, or a distribution box for COAX cameras. This is particularly true for neighborhoods or areas like apartment complexes that cover large acres of land. ePOE makes it possible to run cables connecting cameras and switches together over these types o distances, thus greatly reducing the need for time, creative solution forming, or direct cost.

In order to use ePOe, you’ll have to utilize one of the ePOE capable technologies carried by TechVision, now available wholesale. This includes IP cameras that support ePOE, but you’ll also need an ePOE power source. This could be an NVR that supports ePOE, or it could be an ePOE switch. Additionally, ePOE has also afforded the ability for COAX customers to convert to IP with greater ease. using speacil baluns, ePOe cna be used to do EOC, or ethernet over coax, allowing existing coax cablign to be used to send POE to IP cameras.

Thanks for joining us as we are very excited to share with you today our wholesale ePOE tech. We have cameras in any kind of shape or style you need, including bullets, turret domes, and vandal domes. We have PTZs cameras, coax, and IP cameras too! Techvision USA has everything you need to supply your customers with the most advanced surveillance hardware available and give them the peace of mind they’re trying to achieve. For more info on availability, compatibility, or any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to give our sales pros a call!

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