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Solar Powered CCTV Camera System

Solar Powered CCTV Camera System

Hey, everyone, Joe here, and we have an amazing article and video  for you today about our exciting new Solar Powered CCTV Camera System, and 2MP 4G Camera!
Solar Panel
4g Camera


The Details:

This Solar Panel Setup pushes up to 120 Watts of power -and- is equipped with a 45 Amp/Hr Battery – with a rated total capacity of 576 Watts.  This unit provides 30 hours of power to any 12v camera for approximately 30 hours in optimal conditions.

The solar panel portion connects directly to any camera via the Positive and negative power cable- which we have tied to our 3.5 MM DC power connectors for convenience. You can then run the camera to a local network device to get connectivity- such as a wireless access point, switch, or router. Though virtually any camera, IP or COAX, could be powered off of this high tech solar panel- we highly recommend our 4g capable  2MP IP camera.

Firstly- this unit is a standard fixed lens 2 Megapixel camera capable of up to 30 FPs at 1080p or 2mp. The lens has a focal length of 3.6mm and a field of view arc of 82 Degrees.  At night it can use Infrared up to 40 meters to illuminate environments as low as ZERO LUX.  It also features WDR, HLC, and BLC to help deal with difficult lighting conditions. 

There are two amazing features however that make this camera special when used with the solar panel. First is its ability to get a connection without a local network at all. That’s right this camera is capable of using a 4g SIMcard- the same chip you’d find in your smartphone- to connect wirelessly over the 4g Cell network. That means the camera will get an internet connection, and be able to be added to your recorder and/or smart device without even having a true ISP or even a network on site- right over the air. Of course, to use this feature you’ll have to have a sim card- that’s been activated for Data over 4g by a GSM cellular carrier- CDMA/TDMA carriers are not supported. 

The second feature this camera uses is directly related to the panel itself. When connected to the panel by Rs485 serial cables, the 4G 2MP camera can actually pull real-time power and statistics data from the panel. It can then show you that data on the live view overlay which can be seen in the real-time form your recorder- or smart device. This allows you to get an idea of what capacity your panel is at, and monitor its power consumption as well!

Additionally – the app Elite Viewer pro can pull this data from the camera directly using the Solar Stats feature in the app!

There are a number of applications you might find this solar panel and/or 4g camera useful:

  • Covering a large athletic field at a school
  • Covering a larger lot area that’s too far away to receive normal power or data from the network from the main location.
  • Rural areas such as farms, or ranches where there is little or no connectivity
  • Parks or playgrounds
  • Docks or marinas
  • Constructions sites
  • City Traffic…

…And numerous other possible applications. Our Solar Powered CCTV Camera System can help eliminate the need for costly, complex installations on jobs where such a solution is needed for just 1 or two cameras that are not near normal power or network sources. Links to these products can be found below and at the top of the page.

Thanks for joining us today on our small field trip as we took a look at what Solar Panel Power and 4g camera tech can do! If you enjoyed the video or found it useful, give us a like and don’t forget to subscribe! For more info on TechVision USA products or services, call 5612881514 today!

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