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Wholesale CCTV Recorders by TVUSA

Wholesale CCTV Recorders by TVUSA

Techvision USA is the Nations’s best source for security eequipment, include access control, cameras, and of course wholesale CCTV recorders. That’s right, we offer both DVRs and NVRs as part of our selection of wholesale CCTV recorders. So what is a CCTV recorder and why is having them available so integral to running any security system?

CCTV is composed of a series of cameras that connect back to a central station. In Fact, CCTV stands for closed-circuit televison. What that means is that the video source is only accessible by those with direct access to the CCTV system, and is not broadcast publically like standard television was. The central station that these cameras connect back to exists to create a central access point for all of the footage to be viewed on a locally connected display. Additionally, this central station also records this data to a hard disk so that the users can poll the footage later and review it if needed. This station is whats referred to as a CCTV recorder.

There are two kinds of CCTV recorders available today. The first is the Digital Video Recorder, or DVR. The second is the Network Video Recorder or NVR. DVRs work by connecting directly to cameras that use a COAX cable to transmit their video data. These COAX cameras require direct power from a power supply box or individual power adapter. NV, work exclusively with IP cameras and connect over a computer network to talk to these types of Cameras.

There are pros and cons to both.

For DVRs, setup and troubleshooting are often more straightforward and less network knowledge is needed to be truly effective. Additionally, existing installations will benefit greatly from newer DVR upgrades as the tech has come a long way, but still uses the same cabling. This means no new cable sneed to be run for a DVR to DVR upgrade. Many DVRs can also use some IP cameras.

NVRs have a lot more advanced features and can work with a wider range of camera types and resolutions. However, NVRs can only work with IP or network cameras and cannot use COAX cable or COAX cameras. This means on new installations with no existing system IP is often a good choice since the cable work needs to be done anyhow. Further, IP cameras usually use Power over Ethernet or POE, to get both power and data amoving over a single cat5e or cat6 ethernet cable. That means less money and time spent on cabling compared to a newer COAX installation.

All in all, both options are extremely great and viable in many situations. Check put the links below to see our selection of wholesale CCTV recorders. Don’t hesitate to call in if you have any questions about these different technologies and how they can benefit you!

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