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Bulk Security Equipment by TechVision

Bulk Security Equipment by TechVision

Welcome to TechVision USA, your #1 source for bulk Security Equipment such as CCTV and Access Control! TechVision US prides itself on stocking only the most cutting-edge security hardware available on the market today.

When you sell bulk security tech, you have to stay ahead of the game so your clients can tock the best for their customers, of course, all at the best possible prices available! If you’re not a wholesaler with us, becoming one is as easy as filling out the application. Not only do we sell some seriously powerful wholesale surveillance cameras and recorders, but we also carry top-notch access control equipment as well. Our Sales Pro’s are standing by to help you, we can provide a quote and even finalize your order right over the phone. We love to help and will answer any questions you have about our tech.

Read below to learn more about some of the amazing options we carry.

  1. Wholesale Access Control-Our state-of-the-art Access Control components will provide your customers with the ability to decide who comes in and out, when, and from what entrances at their location. More than just a locked door, access control provides a whole new level of secure exit and entry to any premises. Powered by a series of electronically driven locks and strikes, you can control and designate who has access and when to which point. All this is done from PC software, running on a network connected to the ACC’s control board, which itself is linked to every reader, pin pad, keycard, and AC lock in the building.Access Control Equipment
  2. Wholesale Surveillance Cameras- More than any other technology in the field, CCTV is located just about everywhere you can think of and with good reason. A big part of that is having good quality, feature-rich surveillance cameras installed on-site that are capable of broadcasting that video data to some kind of CCTV recorder.  We cary cameras of various types and purposes. For example, we have COAX cameras for digital over analog rg59, which connect to DVRs. We also have IP cameras that utilize Power over Ethernet (POE) to connect to your network and/or directly to an NVR using a POE switch or onboard POE.IP Cameras 
    COAX Cameras
  3. Wholesale CCTV Recorders-  When deciding what type of Recorder to purchase, it’s good to speak to a sales Pro to get an idea based on any existing cameras or equipment you may have. If your starting fresh, NVRs are likely the best route to go, if you has exiting COAX lines run through your building, we carry Hybrid DVRs that can accept new IP cameras as well as use existing lines and possibly your cameras as well.DVRs

Any of these options are great when looking into purchasing Wholesale Security Technology 
For more info on these or any other products check out the links below- or call us to talk to a sales Pro at- 561-288-1541

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