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TechVision USA could be your #1 source for CCTV Security Equipment Wholesale, become a dealer today!

When looking for a supplier of CCTV Security Equipment Wholesale, there’s no better option the TechVison USA. Becoming a dealer with us is super easy too. all you have to do is click the link at the bottom of this article, or on the home page “Become a Reseller” and fill out the quick application. It only takes a few minutes and our sales team will get in touch to finalize your status as a dealer. You’ll get access to our pricing tier based on your level of business with us and get far better rates than are available for retail. Best of All- becoming a dealer or reseller is totally 100% free!

We carry so many great options for your future customers to choose from. Technology is always evolving and growing, and CCTV is no exception o that rule. We carry the newest, latest, and greatest advent in technology for CCTV Security. There are options for retail locations, warehouses, gatehouses, homes, neighborhoods, and more. No matter where your next installation or sale is for, we have the technology to help your customers get secure. So what kind of amazing CCTV Security Equipment Wholesale does TechVision US have ready to go?

First up is our well-known E-Series hardware. This hardware is designed with the most advanced CCTV features for the consumer sector available in mind. With amazing camera options such as thermal detection, AI-powered perimeter protection via IVS tripwire and intrusion bo, advanced smart motion detection on our E series COAX DVRs, ass well as Licence plate readers, facial capture and recognition, and more! Our E Series lineup has been the go-to option for most of our customers for many years now and every year we acquire new technology for this lineup strengthening its capabilities.

However sometimes advanced features aren’t what’s needed, but rather a proper NDAA designation for facilities that require this. We are proud to carry our new NDAA line of S series hardware, security cameras, and recorders. The NDAA-labeled gear we carry means that government facilities, schools, hospitals, or any other location which requires this label on their equipment can utilize our S series cameras without issue. the NDAA, or national defense authorization act, set strict limitations on which overseas brands of hardware are allowed to be used at government or government-related facilities.

TechVision USA also carries PTZ cameras and other advanced solutions such as solar panels and wireless access points. We also carry and work with access control hardware for electronic building

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Any questions on compatibility, availability, or pricing- give our sales pros a call at 5561.288-1541.  

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