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Wholesale NDAA CCTV

Wholesale NDAA CCTV

As a CCTV contractor, you’re likely familiar with the NDAA, and you’ll need a supplier like Techvision USA who can provide Wholesale NDAA CCTV hardware. See the link below for a list of our NDAA hardware, and read on to learn more about the implications of the NDAA and how it affects you as a CCTV reseller or contractor.


The John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act 2019 was introduced in order to proactively deal with potential national security issues. One important facet of this law is setting regulations for what the US Government is allowed to purchase, how much is allowed to spend, and which types of products it can spend on for national defense and security.

Specifically, this affects the CCTV industry by limiting what products that come from overseas can be purchased. Much more scrutiny is put in place when reviewing products from overseas, and even domestic CCTV hardware. This is all based on what the US Government trusts to be used to avoid security breaches.

TechVision USA is your #1 online source for the best deals on CCTV Equipment for wholesale purchase. Now, TechVision USA is proud to announce our line of S-Series Brand Offical NDAA Compliant Cameras for IP-based systems.

We have worked with this manufacturer to ensure compliance with NDAA across all products which are labeled as such. That means you can trust this hardware to meet all NDAA compliance standards your clients are requesting for any jobs at locations that themselves are required to be in compliance with the NDAA laws. This includes most, if not all government facilities including local and state facilities.

Building trust is an important part of the entire idea behind security. That’s why its important to us to be able to offer you, and therefore your clients by proxy this selection of high-quality NDAA compliant cameras designed to meet the scrutiny of such compliance needs.  You won’t have to sacrifice quality either.

Check out the link above for a list of all of our current NDAA product lines. This line will expand as more products become available. For now, we offer a great range of options, NVRs from, 4 – 16 channels. all capable of supporting 4k Cameras and all NDAA compliant.

Additionally, we carry cameras in multiple shell styles and resolutions ranging from 2 Megapixels to 5 megapixels, to 4k, also known as 8 megapixels. All of these as well are NDAAS complaints and compatible with the other S series Units we have available too.

NDAA hardware does not negate the value of non-NDAA hardware either. Any location that does not require NDAA, can still utilize our E series Line, and S series models which are not NDAA. However be advised, on any job which requires NDAA all the items must have that marking in order to be compliant.

For any more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales pros for more info, and if you haven’t yet- sign up to become a dealer and get access to our incredible rates!


For more info on a product, pricing, or how to become a partner- contact TechVision USA today at 561-288-1541

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